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09:17:50 AM Jan 10th 2013
Bechdel Test ok. Would this series though pass something like a reverse Bechdel Test?

It must be two guys, talking to each other about something other than girls.
09:57:49 PM Apr 29th 2013
Two guys talking about Tommy Lee Jones.
06:47:42 AM Aug 8th 2012
We have a character sheet now so should we move all the character tropes there?
06:53:46 AM Aug 8th 2012
edited by tricksterson
Answering wrong topic, look down.
03:17:54 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Okay, it's been two weeks and noone has commented so I'm moving the chracter tropes to where they belong.
05:45:10 PM Jun 25th 2012
So who goes where in the Four Girl Ensemble? I'm not sure they've settled enough into their roles yet for this trope to apply. It may even be a subversion.
06:57:43 AM Aug 8th 2012
edited by tricksterson
So at this point, thanks to her "anger dance" among other things I would put Sasha in the sexy role. Boo and Ginny I think share the sweet naive part, I don't see Melanie as mannish but apparently a lot of fans do, to the point of considering her Ambiguously Lesbian. Although I wouldn't call her a Wild Card boo probably fills the quirky role. By Word of God she's definitely the Author Avatar.
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