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02:30:41 AM Jun 21st 2014
Is there a "Rock Star Junkies Live Up to 27 Years" trope? I just finished watching the "Phoenix" episode. When Walt is w/ Jane's father in the bar, the latter said Jane was 27. I remembered that many recording artists have died at twenty-seven, Amy Winehouse being the latest example.
01:55:43 AM Apr 10th 2014
@forsetipurge: The trope Bigger Bad just doesn't apply here. Listing how every individual death is Walt's fault doesn't help matters.

Killing a lot of people does not make a character a Bigger Bad. Being scarier than the villains doesn't make a character a Bigger Bad. A Bigger Bad has a very specific meaning: it's "a more threatening force of evil in the setting and overshadows it, but due to mindlessness, imprisonment, lack of interest, or other factors, it is disconnected on a personal level from the main plot". There is also a note that "As a general rule of thumb, if you're uncertain whether a character counts as Big Bad or Bigger Bad—if you can remove the character from the story or replace them with an impersonal force without dramatically affecting the plot, they're probably this trope."

But most importantly, it's fundamentally an antagonist role. Walt is a Villain Protagonist.
07:52:35 AM Apr 10th 2014
All right. Replace him with Don Eladio, then. It's on the page.
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