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07:43:30 PM Feb 2nd 2012
edited by djbj
  • No Fourth Wall: Feeny, Cory, and particularly Eric are all guilty of making asides directed at the audience.
    • The episode where they all graduated high school was particularly notorious for this. At one point Cory and Shawn run into childhood friend Minkus, absent for the past couple of seasons. They ask where he's been all this time.
    Minkus: I've been over there.
    Cory: Oh, we don't go over there.
    Shawn: Yeah, if you go over there you may never come back.
    Minkus: Oh, that's just talk. [waving to someone off camera] Hey, Mr. Turner!
    The last line refers to another character who disappeared for a while, Mr. Turner, who at one point took Shawn in while his father straightened his life out. He also mysteriously disappeared for several seasons.
This entry confuses me. Was the person who wrote it watching the same show? This show did have a 4th wall. I know this show pretty well and I don't remember those characters making "asides directed at the audience". The show did break the 4th wall a couple of times and there was one instance I remember that Cory and Topanga talked directly to the audience, but 99.9% of the time there was a 4th wall. The example used here is actually an example Leaning on the Fourth Wall, because it works in-universe.
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