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02:33:28 AM Oct 8th 2013
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I'm not sure about this example.

Asshole Victim:
  • The arrogant bully that is poisoned by Willie in a Deadly Prank. Willie has clearly entered dark territory, but the audience isn't exactly broken up by the death.

I agree with the asshole + audience angle (reactions vary in that the horrifying outcome is a bit too much, from what I've read), but it seems to fail other aspects of the trope in the next episode: in-verse he's missed, it's a big fuss in the campus and everybody knows the culprit (no mystery here, he's quickly arrested) some lines talk about the naturally concerned parents and even his love interest, who was molested by the deceased, is disturbed by his demise.

Perhaps a subversion, I wonder.
10:19:00 PM Oct 9th 2013
I think it's a pretty classic example and doesn't "fail" any necessary aspect of the trope. The character is hammered home as a complete asshole in every scene before he's killed, and this keeps the killer sympathetic.

The show doesn't spend any time mourning the victim. We don't learn anything about him that changes our mind about what a terrific asshole he was. And the love interest running into the killer's arms speaks toward a lack of concern for the victim rather than vice versa. The student body as a whole is spooked that someone they knew has died, but it's a natural reaction to a shocking event, and the show barely covers it.

The focus is instead on the next plot point: what's going to happen to the killer. The victim's parents are brought up not because we're supposed to mourn with them (we don't even see them), but to present a threat to the wellfare of the killer: the parents want justice, so the killer will need Nucky's connections for protection.

The fact that there's no mystery about who the killer is has no bearing on the trope, since it's not a murder mystery story, and this trope isn't limited to murder mysteries.
10:10:21 AM Oct 10th 2013
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The thing is, the murder-mystery requisite was added on the Square Peg Round Trope entry, which was backed by an Ask The Tropers enquire / mod statement from several months ago if I recall correctly.

I'm putting back the example as the setup is clear enough. I'm removing Van Alden's coworker one as the guy is scarred but doesn't die, and the trope requires an homicide. Pay Evil unto Evil may fit. IMO The trope description of all these tropes (including Kick the Son of a Bitch) and the jurisprudence is messy
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