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10:01:22 AM Jan 9th 2014
Regarding the Berserk Button trope. Do bars with fully costumed staff like Piratz Tavern and Characters Quarters count as one for Jon Taffer? It seems like he's fine (considering some of the uniforms made for the relaunches) if the uniforms touch upon the theme of the bar, but if you go full out costumed (Piratz) or Weird/lazy/no central theme (Characters) it seems like he'll launch into a speech about how it's stupid or childish.
06:33:15 PM Mar 24th 2014
I don't know about that, I think he's fine with a theme if it fits the market of if it's done well. Piratz theme Jon said would work fine in Florida, and the CQ theme was barely even a theme at all as it was so half-assed.
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