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04:23:07 PM Aug 11th 2014
Is it just me; or in the description (after the character round-up) does it just evolve into a series of bullet-points of people's opinions? Could probably be reworked into something more concise and in keeping with the start of the article.
11:23:43 PM Aug 11th 2014
Nah, while it could use more streamlining, nothing jumps out like opinion to me.
11:58:07 PM Jan 6th 2014
This entry concerns me:

Badass Army: Nietzscheans think they are but they're really not.

I'm not entirely sure why, but this feels a bit flawed. There are several minor reasons, such as it not providing any information and not feeling objective, it not appearing to really fit the trope (the Nietzscheans are all broken up into tiny factions and therefore do not qualify as one army, for one thing), and the fact that it's generalizing about the entire species, when there are only a few Nietzscheans that seem to think they're part of a Badass Army, let alone that clearly do.

Does anyone else feel like there's a problem with this entry? To me, it doesn't feel like it uses the right trope, explains why the trope fits, or stays accurate. Thoughts?
06:51:35 PM Jun 21st 2013
Does anyone have any real information about Robert Wolfe? I tried looking it up, but all there is are unsubstantiated rumours (with no citation) about him saying that he left in fall 2001 because of not wanting to reduce the show to focusing around Dylan Hunt.

I don't want to knock the guy or anything, but it's only after he left that the show started picking up all these nominations and wins for TV awards, and I don't recall Andromeda's cast becoming all flat characters after season 2, which is what someone said in the main page, attributing it to him leaving.

Does anyone else agree with this or have any confirming or disputing information? If people agree with what's on the main page, I'll drop the matter but I was just wondering what other people think on this? I honestly recall the series being really quite an ensemble effort the entire way through and having quite good writing the entire way through, but it's been a while since I watched it.
04:38:28 AM Aug 15th 2014
I was involved in fandom at the time. Wolfe did have multiple problems with the network suits as well as with Kevin Sorbo. First off, yes, both the network and Sorbo wanted the show to focus more on Hunt, while Wolfe wanted it to be more about the crew as a whole. Second, the Network wanted a dumb action show to attract casual viewers looking for some fighting and explosions, while Wolfe wanted to tell a more arc-based epic story (with plenty of fighting and explosions still), aimed at getting those casual viewers to become regular, even passionate viewers. Third, fighting and explosions are expensive, and the Network didn't want to spend that kind of money, and Wolfe was getting sick of writing around the fact that every space battle had to re-use the same five minutes of CGI footage because they couldn't afford to render any more. Finally, there were creative differences about a whole slew of minor production-design and plot-arc matters. Wolfe agreed to do some of the plot/characterization/production-design changes that the suits wanted, in exchange for a slightly bigger budget. Much of which got blown on redecorating the main bridge set, one of the things the suits wanted done for some reason which I can't recall at the moment. They also wrote in Trance's tail getting shot off because "lose the tail" was one of the orders he got from the suits. Halfway through the second season, Wolfe got fired anyways, and the severance package they had to pay him under his contract to make him leave was a substantial one.

Once the show was over for good, Wolfe released on his personal site a short one-act play called "Coda", in which is revealed the general direction he would have taken the show if he'd been allowed to stay and retain creative control. Parts of it would have been awesome, parts of it...less so. But still better than what we got.
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