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06:21:14 PM Mar 25th 2014
I deleted the following paragraph from the main article—it belongs in a review, not a summary;

The writing, acting, and directing are all outstanding, with the cast rounded out by skeptical Dr. Matt Crower and Caleb's cousin, Gail Emory. You'll never look at Gary Cole the same way again. Or, for that matter, Shaun Cassidy—yes, the "Hardy Boys" teen heart-throb—who conceived and produced the show, along with Sam Raimi. The effects, though good for their time, aren't always the best, sometimes the plot developments were a little too predictable, and later on in the series there were quite a few Out of Character Moments, but this is most likely due to invoked Executive Meddling and the show being invoked Screwed by the Network, not any problems with the writer.
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