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05:16:56 AM Mar 22nd 2014
How come there's no YMMV on this page?
05:38:18 AM Mar 22nd 2014
It's here: YMMV.Deadpool. It doesn't display because this is a "fun" page, not a "work" page.
09:28:51 PM Jul 24th 2013
Seriously? All the subpages are self-demonstrating? Because now we've undercut contributions from anyone who isn't a huge Deadpool fan OR can't mold their writing style into something very specific and highly unorthodox.

Whichever tropers went through all the trouble to make all the pages self-demonstrating, you've effectively neutered the ability for other tropers to add information, correct errors, or have any kind of editorial oversight. On a wiki. Way to go.
09:58:06 PM Jul 24th 2013
This isn't the only page (and subpages) of a character that's self demonstating.

There is Doctor Doom and Thanos too. No point complaining about it here when its widespread on this wiki.
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