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09:36:25 AM Feb 17th 2013
Excuse me, but how half the entries concerning WH 40 K Space Marines actually fit this trope? It's not about being 'kiddie' or 'newbie-friendly'. The trope covers only instances of precursors/Trope Codifiers that are now considered rip-offs (and indeed, Space Marine basically popularized if not invented the medieval knight/future supersoldier cross-over. So, in my opinion, all content of the entry bar the first sentences of the first paragraph and the fourth sub-paragraph should be deleted. It's not about being 'unfunny', it is about being 'unfunny' for very particular reason.

The arguments about SM (ILP intended) being 'kid friendly' for their low initial price, flexibility of rules and ease of painting fall into trope 'Stop Having Fun Guys'.
01:14:50 PM Feb 17th 2013
I would approve of removing everything that is off-topic.

I don't think it's an example of "Stop Having Fun" Guys. If I remember correctly, "Stop Having Fun" Guys is about contempt against other gamers for not being Munchkins.
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