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09:40:16 AM Apr 9th 2013
The side of Mr. E's van reads "The Enigma Engine" not machine. Bonus for crypto fans.
08:28:05 AM Apr 6th 2013
Any sort of Bilingual Bonus for some of the things Professor Pericles says? Referring to the gang as "the kinder" is pretty obvious, but what about the rest of it?
08:35:28 AM Apr 6th 2013
edited by Malitia
I don't remember any. His German is Surprisingly Good Foreign Language for American children's television but as far as I remember he is always saying what you might expect, so no hidden messages.
10:06:12 AM Apr 20th 2013
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I'm now marathoning the series and I stand correcter as I found this:

S02 E19 - The Devouring

In the beginning after the "Access Denied" sound: Adler(-) und Gänseblümchen! - Sounds like a Foreign Cussword right? It's quite flowery language... birdy too. As 'Alder' is Eagle (he (miss-)pronounces it like that) and 'Gänseblümchen' means Daisy. BUT 'Gänse' -> Geese, 'Blume' -> Flower (Blümchen -> Small Flower) and Alderblume (more conventionally called 'Feldrittersporn') is this.
09:05:58 PM Apr 5th 2013