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08:29:56 PM Mar 22nd 2014
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If the official release of SDR 2 comes out before the conclusion of the LP(which is starting to look likely given that it's only halfway through the game and the official English release is supposed to be out this fall), should the spoiler-free page be retired?

After all, people would now have a way to actually play the game in English, so there would be less need to tiptoe around spoilers. Besides, the way the wind is blowing with the recent changes to the spoiler policy, it's clear that spoiler avoidance isn't a high priority on this site now.

With that in mind, we should start checking to make sure all the tropes on this page have been added to the main page so they aren't lost.
06:40:21 AM Dec 12th 2012
You know, considering that there's currently only two updates so far, I don't think we should reveal all the information about the characters just yet. It seems to me as if someone just copypasted the character sheet in the other page and got rid of the spoilers.
01:10:55 PM Dec 12th 2012
edited by Wyvernil
Good point. While this is just a sandbox version of the final spoiler-free page, I could take down the character sheet until we learn more about the characters in the LP.

The spoiler-free page will probably be (officially) posted once the LP reaches Chapter 1/the end of the prologue.
10:35:23 AM Dec 13th 2012
Actually, right now, we aren't even sure if Monobear is going to show up or not.
11:54:40 AM Dec 13th 2012
edited by Wyvernil
I see. I've cut the page down to the barest basics of what we know from the couple of updates we've had.

On another note, this sandbox page will serve as the final spoiler-free page until further notice. From discussions with one of the site mods, I've gathered that there isn't room for a permanent spoiler-free page since the Let's Play section is supposed to focus more on the commentary than the content of the game being covered.

Right now, the plan is to use this page as a temporary spoiler-free page for the duration of the LP. Once it is concluded, the page can then be deleted after any tropes or content which aren't already on the main page are moved there. If this idea doesn't fly with the powers that be, then we might look into scrapping the idea of a spoiler-free page, or moving it offsite and linking to it from the main page, depending on how many people want such a page.
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