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08:52:11 PM Jan 4th 2013
The role play page needs to somehow be labeled as main. I don't know how but having all these other pages not link to it will simply not do an all.

I also started a character page and would love some help editing it, adding pictures, and writing character blurbs. The Organization is not perfect so if you guys don't like it you are welcome to change it. Now the 100 biggest characters from at War's End are listed and I think they are a good place to start. They sould probably be organized better before more get added. Please try and make contributions to your characters, I had to go threw and add tropes individually. I got less then halfway threw C and have a long way to go.

Perhaps someone sould take on tropes G threw L. I did not want to delete the ones from the main pages until I was sure about my work.
09:20:11 PM Jan 4th 2013
Not sure why it's not recognized as the main page. Being a RPG, the page is supposed to be under the roleplay header, not the main header; however, unfortunately, this seems to cause the main page not to be recognized as such. Perhaps this is something we should bring to the TV Tropes' forum and ask about. They're usually quick to respond and quite helpful at that.

I told you it was a daunting task. I think I got up through about E the last time I attempted it. For now, we should not delete tropes from the main pages until we are sure about what we want to do for the characters page.
01:58:00 AM Jan 5th 2013
The Main button at the top doesn't know what the actual main page is; it looks for a page in the Main/ namespace. This means there are a number of work pages, including this one, that don't have it since they're only found under the Literature, Roleplay, or whathaveyou headers. However, there is a project to make icons for things including Roleplay so that there will be the relevant button at the top of the page.
07:52:40 AM Jan 8th 2013
I noticed a number of other TV Tropes pages (in Film, Videogame, Literature, etc.) that had the Main redirect to its respective main page, thus causing it to show up alongside YMMV, Trivia, etc. I went ahead and took the liberty of doing this myself, so now the other pages will link to the Roleplay page.
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