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02:32:59 PM Jul 19th 2012
Starting a list of things lost in edits, starting with the YMMV tab.

  • Nightmare Fuel: Will eventually need its own page, given the nature of the game. However, some details were lost along the line. Now I don't know how that game went down, but originally it said that multiple people died in horrifying ways, starting with Matt. Now it says it was just Matt. Another detail semi-lost was the glasses-for-pun Memetic Mutation we had.
03:18:08 PM Jul 19th 2012
Now for the Characters page.

  • Lost in the transition, we originally had it divided up into three categories: hosts, frequent players, and one-timers. I propose we semi-restore it, dividing it up into "notable players" (which will include any games they've hosted, as to host a game you must have played at least one game previously) and "one-time players". (Note: as there is No Such Thing as Notability, the only thing required to be a "notable player" is to have played in more than one game. :P)

  • Linden, the reason we have the game in the first place, has been completely removed from the list. As has her contributions. She had as a quote (which summed her most notable feature quite nicely) as well:
    My little baby has changed so much. While I love werewolf, you guys run through it and then want to play again - I get burnt out.

    • She hosted Games 1 and 2.

    • She was a player in 3, 4, 7, and 13, at the very least. Maybe more; I'd have to do research. She's also a character in Fun and Games. (Speaking of which, I'm considering adding tropes from there into here, but I'm not sure about doing that.)

    • She had a win rate. Not accurate (it said she never won, yet also said she was town in 4), but existing. Again, something which I'd need to double-check, but if this feature were to be reincorporated, it can be merged into the above. Such as, "Played in: WW III (town, lost), IV (town, won[?]), VII (town, lost), and XIII (convert, won)."

    • Also, she had a times mauled/times lynched record, something which can again be incorporated into the above. Such as, "Played in: WW III (town, lynched, lost), IV (town, lynched, won), VII (town, mauled, lost), XIII (town-turned-convert, lynched, won)." (Well, I'd need to double-check if she was fully converted when she was lynched.)

    • And also roles. So that'd leave a final as being something like, "Played in: WW III (Villager, lynched, lost), IV (Villager, lynched, won), VII (Seer, mauled, lost), and XIII (Guardian-turned-convert, lynched, won)."

    • She also had a description. "Linden is who brought the game of Werewolf to ComicFury. She never imagined her game would go this far, when she created it, and was quite proud to see how far it had grown."

So if we bring her back, I imagine her section would look something like this:


My little baby has changed so much. While I love werewolf, you guys run through it and then want to play again - I get burnt out.

Linden is who brought the game of Werewolf (and by extent, Mafia) to ComicFury. She never imagined her game would go as far as it had when she created it, and was quite proud to see how far it had grown. However, she couldn't keep up with the game, and compared to many, played infrequently.

She played in Werewolf *Number* (*Alignment and Role*, *Fate*, *Won or Lost*), *Number*, (*Alignment and Role*, *fate*, *Won or Lost*), ... (You get the idea.)

Tropes applying to Linden

  • (Insert Tropes here. Like maybe Can't Catch Up, which I think is a great trope applying to her.)

And make all player sections similar to that.

Anyway, other details lost.
  • SuperPie, who hosted 3 and 11, and has played in 2 (Villager), 4-10 (Villager, Villager, Villager, Werewolf Double Voter, Naive Seer, Detective, Villager), and so on. He won 7, 8, and 9, was a wolf in 7, was lynched in 4 and 6, mauled in 5, and that's just a start.

  • Magravan is on the list, but the details he had were gone. He hosted 4, and played in at least 2 (Wolf), 5 (Villager), 6 (Traitor), 9 (Traitor), 10 (Mercenary), and 12 (Mercenary-turned-convert) just for a start. He won 6 and 12, was a wolf in 2 and became one in 12, lynched in 9, and mauled in 5 and 10.

  • Tamdrin is gone, despite having hosted game 5, and playing in at least 4 (Villager) and 6 (Guardian).

  • Jacob Gristwood is gone, despite him having been one of the most famous players in the game! He had a quote (though maybe not the best for him), "Dammit Shaggers, will you stop climbing statues!? We're all calm now!"
He hosted 6, and played in every game I am familiar with at the very least. That's 1-5, and 7-14 without stop. As a Seer (lynched, lost), Villager (lynched, won), ? (mauled, won), Wolf (lynched, lost), Villager (lynched, lost), Framer (mauled, won), Sheriff (survived, won), Villager (lynched, won), Villager (lynched, lost), Sheriff (survived, null), Villager (lynched, lost), and so on.

  • Frosty is there (though it's a little confusing, seeing as how a good 80% of the mentions on the page, he's known as Ice rather than Frosty, and the original mention had his full name of Ice the Frosty Cat, which might be good to reincorporate as to not cause confusion), but again, his record is gone, and along with Jacob, he's one of the legends in every game through some shape or form that I am familiar with.

He hosted 7, 12, and 20. He played in 1-6, 8-11, 13, and so on. As a Villager (mauled, lost), Villager (mauled, won), Villager (mauled, lost), Villager (mauled, won), Villager (mauled, lost), Wolf (lynched, lost), Chemist (survived, won), Sheriff (survived?, won), Fraud Wolf (survived, won), and Mercenary (survived, null) as just a start.

  • Jimi Raffety, host of game 8, is also gone from the list. Among others, he played in 2 (Seer, survived, won), 7 (Villager, mauled, won), 9 (Villager, mauled, won), and 10 (Guardian, spirit-killed, lost).

  • Cyborg, host of 9, is also gone, despite him having contributed much to the game, including wolf-chat! He played in 8 and 12 among others, as the seer and guardian, winning and losing.

  • But most surprisingly of all, Kristy is gone, despite having hosted 10 and 20, two of the most famous games! She's played most games as well, being in 3-5, 7-9, 11, and 12 as just a start, as a Villager (mauled, lost), Villager (survived?, won), Wolf (survived, won), Sheriff (killed in epilogue, lost), Framer (lynched, lost), Ghost (mauled, won), Corrupt Vigilante (lynched, null), and Medic (survived, lost).

And that's just the players. I'm not done collecting details about the roles which might have been lost.
03:24:28 PM Jul 19th 2012
What the list of roles was originally like, for reference:

A list of common and not so common roles that have made an appearance so far in the games.
  • Villager: Basic villager. No special abilities.
  • Werewolf: Basic Werewolf. Chooses someone to nom during the night.
  • Seer: The Seer originally had the power to check one player's role during the night phase, but, as of Game 7, received a nerf, meaning that they could only see the player's alliance (Due to the increasing number of roles). Has received a recent buff-up again and has a chance to talk to the Ghost as of Game 10, also keeping Game 9's 40% chance of survival from wolf attacks.
  • Guardian: Can choose a player to protect from the wolves during the night phase. Gained the abilities of Game 8's Mayor in 10.
  • Traitor: If the Seer chooses to see this player, they'll appear to be a wolf. The Traitor is a silent ability and the player is unaware it's him. As of Game 9, the Traitor is town-aligned unless the Wolves target the Traitor; then the Traitor becomes wolf-aligned.
  • Ghost: Added in Game 2. After dying, this player is able to choose one person to kill during the night phase before being removed from the game. Like the Traitor, they're unaware that they have this role until they die. Received a buff when communication between the Ghost and the Seer became officially legal in select circumstances. Received another Buff by being able to kill every third night-phase, instead of just one death.
  • Villager-V: Added in Game 7. This player's votes are counted twice. They're unaware that they have this role, however. Replaced by the Mayor in Game 9.
  • Werewolf-V: Added in Game 7. Like Villager-V, except they're on the wolf side. The two roles are supposed to balance each other out. Replaced by the Mayor in Game 9.
  • Na´ve Seer: Added in Game 7. This player believes themselves to be the Seer, however, they see all players as villagers. Merged with the Medium in Game 8.
  • Hunter: Added in Game 7. When this player is lynched, they automatically kill the last player who voted for them. In Game 9, gained the ability to shoot anyone on the wagon, not just the last voter. Later (as the original version) became part of the new Mercenary role in Game 10.
  • Sheriff: Added in Game 7. Chooses a player to lock up during the night. This player cannot vote, but they're free to join in the discussion. Was merged with the Chemist of Game 8 in Game 9.
  • Bodyguard: Added in Game 7. A weaker version of the Guardian, in that, instead of defending the player they choose, they die instead.
  • Framer: Added in Game 7. Whilst not a werewolf, are on the wolf side. In exchange for not being nommed, they'll choose a player to frame each night. If the seer chooses to see this player, they'll appear to be a wolf. In Game 9, this role became the town-aligned Horrible Mystic. In Game 10, this role became the Wolf-Aligned version of the Vigilante.
  • Mayor: Added in Game 8. Can choose one person to protect from lynching the next day. In Game 9, instead had the previous games' -V ability of double-voting. In Game 16, the mayor gets voted upon each night which grants him/her double voting power the next day phase.
  • Chemist: Added in Game 8. Can poison one person during the night. That player will appear sick the next day and be unable to perform any role related actions during the night. Was merged with the Sheriff in Game 9.
  • Medium: Added in Game 8. As o Game 8, is the only player allowed to talk with the ghost. Merged with the Naive Seer in Game 9, but now the Seer has gained a weakened version of the Medium's ability in Game 10.
  • The Detective: Added in Game 9. Received clues from the crime scenes every night, indicating who the wolves would be. Merged with the Easter Bunny in Game 16.
  • The Alpha Werewolf: Added in Game 10. Default spokesperson for the wolves' kill. Can convert a villager, once, into a wolf, though it takes two night phases. In Game 16, it will take three nights to convert, and will also appear as innocent to the Seer.
  • The Fraud: Added in Game 10. A Werewolf who can fool the Seer into thinking they're town, until the ghost dies.
  • The Vigilante: Added in Game 10. A role with a choice between being town-aligned and wolf-aligned. As town, becomes the old version of the Guardian, as a Wolf becomes the Framer, with slight elements of the V role thrown in.
  • The Mercenary: Added in Game and gained the Hunter's original ability. In Game 12, was changed o a neutral role, with kill chance every night.
  • The Ghost Hunter: Game 11. Can remove the Ghost if the Ghost is o many villagers.
  • The Stalker Werewolf: Added in Game 12. Learns the role of a a player, but they are made aware that they were stalked.
  • The Meta-Gamer: Added in Game 12. Wins with the wolves, and when lynched, goes away for three days. Counts towards village total.
  • The Medic: Added in Game 12. Targets two players each night. If either of them are attacked, the medic saves them from death, allowing them to still vote. When the medic dies, however, so do the patients.
  • The Spy: Added in Game 12. If converted, the spy will maintain communication with the alpha, but will still be town-aligned.
  • The Idiot: Added in Game 12. Wants to get themselves lynched.
  • The Prodigy: Added in Game 14. Believes itself to be the Seer. Has a 40% chance of seeing their target's role. If it fails, it sees a random role
  • The Mimic: Added in Game 15. Mimics a role every night. Has 25% of failing to mimic dead roles
  • The Neighbor: Added in Game 16. Checks on someone each night and that person cannot perform their role action for that same night.
  • The Easter Bunny: Added in Game 16. Brings chocolate eggs to their target. If someone interacts with that target, the Easter Bunny gets a clue of their identity.
  • The Hapless Romantic: Added in Game 16. Can use their Love Potion on someone and can communicate with them privately.
  • The Scapegoat: Added in Game 16. Appears as a werewolf when lynched or foreseen by the Seer.
03:58:57 PM Jul 9th 2012
edited by Ranger
Suggestion—check edit history of pages to come up with details lost in the change.

For instance, when capps re-edited the Characters page, he deleted all the players already there, despite there being a significant number. Formatted badly, yes, but still a list of players. And there's not really much point in having a list of players if there aren't details about the players IN said game, which was also present originally (albeit highly incompletely) and removed in the revamp. Each role has a summary included, so each player should have one as well.

As another example, Jacob's game had a note in it which was removed—it was the first game to use a unique intro. That's important, because that was something not present in any game before (all games before then used Linden's intro), and because of that, every game since then has had a unique intro, a feature which might not have happened without Jacob. Easy fix, sure, with a line like "First game to have a different introduction", but still, something which was present before and IMPORTANT, yet was still lost during the edits.

Many details seem to have been lost via the editing. Many of the changes, I approve of, but some of them seem reckless, in that they leave an average person who would browse the page confused, because the example isn't detailed enough. Yes, many examples weren't concise at all (my fault :P), but the other extreme (too concise) is just as bad.
11:15:22 PM Mar 3rd 2011

Frosty: They moved all the subjective stuff into the YMMV section 23:10

Frosty: That'd be fine on a normal article, but this is a community specific page. 23:10

Ranger: Indeed. 23:12

Ranger: My thoughts were similar.

This stands.
10:32:57 PM Dec 2nd 2010
Still think we should have character pages. We still have three veterans of every game around. ;)
02:12:28 PM Dec 3rd 2010
I'd have no objections to that. What would they contain~?
12:43:29 PM Dec 4th 2010
I'm not sure, actually. (That's what discussion pages are for, eh?) Maybe tropes specific to certain players? (Might allow us to take away tropes specifically relating to my failure game 10*. :P) I mean, I can think of a lot of player Tropes. Gristwood's Glasses, Antihero's drinking, Sarge's Custard, My Analysis, me being a Mad Scientist, All the long-runners having something special (isn't there a Trope for veterans?), all the hosts of the game having something, most memorable moments for every player, I dunno how many others I can think of off the top of my head, but you get the idea; there's a lot a character page could do.**

(*If we ever get so that each game has too many tropes unique to that game, we might want a page for each game, too. :P But, nah, not right now; that'll come when we get, like, 20 games.)

  • Another idea which just came to me is to do a Quotes page. For instance, putting in Linden's original quote like I just put in. Basically, the most memorable moments in Werewolf, captured as a quote. (Like Jacob's quote after Game 7 ended, about the Wizard.) This can also extend to Crowning Moment of Funny moments. (The two are obviously not mutually exclusive. :P)
01:14:56 PM Dec 4th 2010
Maybe an image reference and a stats section too? With data on what games they played, what roles they had, how they died etc.?
01:42:11 PM Dec 4th 2010
edited by Ranger
Yeah, that works. :) Should be nice and convenient to have at hand, 'specially for an analyst like me. :)

(For reference, I've downloaded pretty much every special avatar and some of the better pictures, so if they're needed...)

(Also, I've made Crowning Moment pages for Heartwarming and Awesome, but obviously, I think my opinion on matters might be a bit biased, so they'll need heavy editing. ;) )
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