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10:26:47 AM Sep 18th 2015
Should we really have ones that were never really scrappies, just assumed-they-would-be-til-the-game-came-out?
11:41:35 AM Sep 18th 2015
Not really. Are you asking this for some example(s) in particular that is/are in the page?
04:36:04 AM May 9th 2015
  • Inverted with Aria T'Loak. Mass Effect 2 gave a minor, but well-liked character full of snappy one-liners, a straightforwardly violent behavior, and a backstory. In Mass Effect 3, her role was still minor, but she helped Shepard out. Come the Omega DLC, where she joins Shepard for a re-taking of Omega, and opinion of her tanked, mostly because Shepard was forced to support a ruthless woman who would slaughter thousands (if not millions) of civilians to save her own life, and not call her out on it. This left many wanting to support Petrovsky rather than Aria.

This was rightfully removed for being a misplaced "inversion." It was restored, so I'm bringing it here.

This was the reason for restoration: "Placing inversions of a trope is perfectly in line with TV Tropes policy (and this trope doesn't get inverted that often, making it even more newsworthy), and there is no complaining being made. Don't delete twists on a trope simply because you don't personally agree. "

Here's the problem with this argument: it is based on the erroneous assumption that Rescued from the Scrappy Heap is a trope. It's Not a Trope. It's a YMMV item. YMMV items do not get Playing With entries (subverted, inverted, etc.) because they aren't "played" to begin with. They are not objectively present in a work at all unless they are used In-Universe. This "inversion" is just pointless complaining. That's like listing "inversions" of Awesome Music to complain about music you don't like.
07:22:04 AM May 9th 2015
Especially since there are already other pages to cite this character's case. The one that comes to mind the most is The Scrappy.
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