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08:08:36 AM Jul 9th 2014
If it's a rescue for one side by Scrappy-maker for another, it doesn't belong here:

  • Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket, a group of incompetent thieves that never came close to their goals. These goals included only two things (most of the time, anyway): try to steal the Monster of the Week to give as an appliance for their boss, or steal Ash's Pikachu. They did this every episode. This routine wore out fast and, unfortunately for the viewers, the trio stuck with it and didn't budge an inch for thirteen years. However, when Black & White arrived, Team Rocket was retooled into cool super spies and dropped the comic routine, giving them a new lease on life. However this has been both good and bad. It was actually during that long run as the Laughably Evil Terrible Trio in which Team Rocket gained a sizable portion, if not most of their fans, as they were responsible for a good deal of the humor in the series, including most of the Parental Bonuses and Lampshape Hangings. Recasting them as competent, serious baddies has made some fans long for the days in which Jessie and James would put on a suit and dress (respectively) and do something ridiculous.

That said, While they have not yet engaged in Crossdressing antics in Kalos, the infighting and small jokes have returned without overshadowing their schemesnote  meaning that Both Sides Have a Point. But only time will tell whether they've been rescued in a way that Both Sides can agree to.