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02:55:18 PM Mar 4th 2014
I'm going to have to delete the following item, because it's completely false:

  • Naomi Wildman was replaced by Icheb, the super perfect Borg boy. And to add insult to injury, in an episode set in the future future-Naomi was/will be Icheb's obedient minion.

Clearly, the troper who wrote this is fond of Naomi and intensely dislikes Icheb. That's fine, but it doesn't justify making up things that never happened in the series. The Naomi Wildman character was not replaced by Icheb and continued to appear during the rest of the series, making her final appearance in the next-to-last episode. Nor did Icheb usurp her role in any way; this is not possible, since Naomi is a child (age six at the end of the series) while Icheb is teenager, and their interests and abilities overlap hardly at all.

The claim that, in the future, Naomi is Icheb's "obedient minion" can only be described as delusional. The scene in question takes place in the seventh-season episode "Shattered", and I have just rewatched it twice to make sure I'm not mistaken. It depicts the two characters as equals, without the slightest hint of any kind of pecking order or dominance.

Sorry, but this kind of nonsense has no place on TV Tropes.
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