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04:05:44 AM Sep 17th 2016
On the basis of "It's not enough that an idea seems to be ripping off another idea. It needs to be blatant in its advertising that it is a copy for it to count", I've pulled everything that says "is basically", "can be described as" or similar.

12:03:56 PM Jan 11th 2017
There are still a lot of examples with the same problem, e.g. "Avatar is Pocahontas in space". Many of them I suspect don't qualify, but not being familiar enough with a lot of the examples (or how they were advertised) I can't say for sure what should go.
06:32:59 AM Jan 12th 2017
Avatar is Dances with Wolves in Space. Clearly.

The One and Highlander is absolutely accurate.

Evolution being "Ghostbusters with Aliens" is a brilliant-ass description for a laconic, but not actually fitting for this trope, admittedly.
09:25:01 AM Jan 12th 2017
They were advertised as this?
10:36:45 AM Mar 3rd 2014

Examples Are Not Arguable, needs be advertised as to qualify. Beyond this, be a remake not says nothing about the setting.
11:09:08 PM Aug 9th 2014
"Avatar" is "Dances with Wolves... IN SPACE!" "Jason X" is "Friday the 13th... IN SPACE!"
01:52:16 AM Aug 10th 2014
You know, I think the current description is a bit vague. I'll have to bring it up in the forums.
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