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07:00:14 AM Jan 25th 2018
I can't get the page for Episode 119 to save, it keeps redlinking it. Here's what I'm trying to save:

The captain has turned off the seatbelt signs, and has turned on the ceaseless anxiety signs. Feel free to brood about the cabin.

Part 3 of 3: You need love. You may also need other things.

Tropes present in "eGemony, part 3: Love, Amonth Other Things, Is All You Need" include:

Todayís proverb: For softer bones and a tenuous smile, drink malk. Got malk? Itís here. Drink it. [sped up voice] Drink it! Drink this myilk, mm, maalmk. [sped up voice] Drink it!
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