Recap My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 8 Just For Sidekicks Discussion

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11:55:55 AM Jan 27th 2013
Caught a call back to "The Last Roundup" in this one. In that episode, there's a background pair that are seen in a few Blink And You Miss It shots (Carrot Top and another stallion.) They're seen with a filly, say goodbye at the train station, and later CT is at the rodeo. In "Just For Sidekicks", they can be seen reuniting at the Crystal Empire train station.
09:16:34 AM Jan 27th 2013
I just noticed a potential Shout Out to Wallace and Gromit...is it just me or does the opening tracking shot with the framed photos of Peewee seem reminiscent of how most of the W&G shorts begin (tracking shot across the wall depicting photos of the duo while the theme music plays?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VimZfYsDHkc )
07:36:02 PM Jan 26th 2013
Would Broken Aesop work here? I mean, the lesson is for Spike to learn responsibility...but he then lies to the Mane Six about the whole experience, therby NOT taking responsibility for his actions.
07:43:56 PM Jan 26th 2013
I would put in in YMMV.
07:44:00 PM Jan 26th 2013
He already suffered enough from the events of the episode, having the Mane 6 mad at him at the end would just be plain cruel.
08:49:03 PM Jan 26th 2013
Good point.
09:15:38 AM Jan 28th 2013
Plus, ultimately, he was responsible to the pets themselves, and they'd forgiven him. If they didn't want to tell their respective ponies, well, it might not be the most honourable decision, but perhaps it was the kindest!
10:33:49 AM Jan 26th 2013
Considering Spike's suffering was played for laughs and no one died, this episode is more an example of Shaggy Dog Story than Shoot the Shaggy Dog.
10:35:00 AM Jan 26th 2013
Yeah, I was about to change that.
09:33:45 AM Jan 26th 2013
edited by Skylite
What the heck, Rarity?

You're the Element of Generosity, but when it comes to "compensate the dragon for his efforts", not only does Rainbow Dash have to remind you of this, but you give Spike — your little Spikey Wikey — the TINIEST POSSIBLE GEM you can find after giving him an avalanche of things to remember about your high-maintenance Opal?

I mean, maybe, maybe, if we're being generous, we could try to see it as Rarity not wanting to have him get all worked up greedy about gems like on his birthday (and like Zecora noticed), but it didn't parse that way to me.

Anypony else?

Also — I was gonna say it was Aesop Amnesia that Spike doesn't remember really well the lesson learned about greed in "The Secret of My Excess", but then I started to think about it.

Gems are very rare to come by unless somebody like Rarity can find and extract them. When she does so, it's usually only to put them on a design of hers.

So for Spike, living in Ponyville, he's usually eating Pony food. Hay fries (as mentioned in the Gameloft game) and flower and grass and oat sandwiches, and sweet cakes from Sugarcube Corner. Gems are a treat for him, rare. Like humans going out for a whole lobster, or a big giant ribeye or filet mignon steak. So it wasn't so much greed as elation at having a bunch of his rare and special favorite that made him behave as he was, perhaps?
10:32:31 AM Jan 26th 2013
Considering that tiny red gem was enough to buy a massive pet dryer, I suspect Rarity's payment was much more valuable than its diminutive size would suggest.
10:55:53 AM Jan 26th 2013
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Thank you, Meta Four — that is an excellent point. Unless the CMC got a profound deal on it, that does make a lot of sense.
08:55:01 AM Jan 1st 2013
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I don't think this counts as bashing, since I'm just noticing this, but it seems to just be "Baby Cakes" with Spike as Pinkie and the pets as Pound and Pumpkin.
08:46:30 PM Jan 6th 2013
And Stare Master seemed highly similar, too. Let's not jump to conclusions.
09:24:35 AM Jan 28th 2013
It's a familiar comic setting, but there are basic differences too. Pinkie took on responsibilities she didn't understand, but was prepared to meet - and ultimately succeeded. Spike took on responsibilities he didn't intend to meet, because he just wanted the reward, and only narrowly avoided disaster. Fluttershy took on responsibilities that she thought she could handle, but couldn't - because the story was more of an excuse for the Crusaders to have the Wacky Adventures they desired, but couldn't handle either.