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04:15:36 AM Mar 30th 2013
One could view Twilight's ascension as a parable of gaining a University degree. You have to research something completely unique, you have to apply everything you've learned, and you transcend the point where others teach you things on a regular basis. You gain a title, and it all culminates in a big ceremony.
02:45:11 AM Mar 14th 2013
I came across a bit of Fridge Logic: along with their destinies, the Mane 6 (or 5) get their homes switched. Rainbow lives in Fluttershy's cottage, while Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy work (though Fluttershy's definition of "work" is kinda wonky) and most likely live in Carousel Boutique, Sweet Apple Acres and Sugarcube Corners, respectively. Where does that leave Rarity? In Rainbow's cloud home, that she has no normal way to reach or stay in, except by using Twilight's stand-on-clouds spell.
04:28:21 PM Feb 27th 2013
edited by Softy
I don't think Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence or You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious belong. The first is a death trope, and Twilight's not dead. Whether she was dead while in the cloudy-spacey-YouTube-clip place is a matter for debate.

As for Shining Armor calling her "Twilight", he has done this before, and he seems to use it interchangeably with "Twily", so there's nothing special about it.
07:45:43 PM Feb 20th 2013
"Given the Batman Gambit Celestia pulled back in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", it's possible that she guessed that this was exactly what Twilight would do."

Doesn't that seem like kind of an unfair accusation to make? Fanon aside, there's nothing in the series that suggests Celestia would be such a Jerkass towards her own subjects. It seems more likely that she expected Twilight to fix the spell without all the Tear-Jerking cutie-mark-swap-ness.
06:11:50 PM Feb 18th 2013
Are we sure than Twilight can fly well? She just did it once, it could be begginers luck, or actually she just fly plain bad, but the angle of the camera make it luck just fine, just want to ask that
06:43:41 PM Feb 18th 2013
Personally I'm hoping that it's just a burst of energy from the transformation, and she'll have to learn properly. Maybe we'll luck out and she'll ask Fluttershy will teach her.
11:26:00 AM Mar 29th 2013
The page says that she can't have had her wings for more than a day. Why not? Coronations take a long time to plan, even if Celestia and Luna were expecting it. There's plenty of time in there for her to learn her way around her wings, and it might even be possible for an interquel episode.
04:33:40 PM Feb 18th 2013
Can we delete the rant on the Analysis page? It's just one person complaining about something they see as Fridge Logic.
02:26:15 PM Feb 17th 2013
Should Ripple Proof Memory be in the list? The change wasn't retroactive, and it looks like the only ponies with altered memories were the swapped Manes.
07:38:29 AM Feb 19th 2013
I added RPM , not finding anything else closer. I know the trope is more apt on time-travel stories, but it is in place here - the way the swapped Manes act, this has been their lives forever (I think Rarity said something along the lines "I've been doing this ever since I got my cutie mark"), until the spell is broken. We don't know how retroactive the change was (again, did the townsponies know? that's hard to tell), though it appears to be longer than just overnight - given the number of dresses AJ made and all the normal pets living in the cottage.

Its certainly a variant of RPM, but I don't think there's any more specific trope to call that out.
07:59:18 PM Feb 21st 2013
Fake Memories seems a closer match. They think that they've been doing those jobs all their lives, but they don't have any skill or experience at their new jobs, the houses that we saw were still set up according to the tastes of the original owners, and the town was still intact, so it didn't seem retroactive in the slightest. Applejack is just a fast worker. You can excuse the pets as the result of everyone dropping them off to be pet-sat by Dash while they went to their new lives.

Even if the spell did affect the townsponies, which seems unlikely, that would still be fake memories.

If there's no objections, I'll switch the tropes on Saturday.
12:36:01 AM Feb 24th 2013
Just for the record, only Gummy joins Angel at Fluttershy's cottage, and Angel seems to retain his memory of Fluttershy, judging by how he jumped onto her.
10:00:45 PM Feb 16th 2013
Am I the only one who thought this episode was rushed and it should have been the series finale since Twilight Sparkle being a princess will totally change the show>
10:05:20 PM Feb 16th 2013
No, its pretty much consensus from what I've seen that this was either meant to be a two-parter and cut down too much, or was just too fast-paced to begin with.

As for it being the finale... I doubt it. Changing the status quo just means you need to tell different stories.
04:28:41 AM Feb 17th 2013
Yeah, it wasnt good... Seemed like two plotlines sewn together and given life by unholy lightning of market. It really should've been a two parter to explain what the hell happened
08:08:03 AM Feb 17th 2013
We already have a season 4 with 26 episodes in process for next year. And if you notice, Season 2's finale with Cadance led right into the Season 3 opener with the Crystal Empire. That means whatever they have in store for the new Princess Twilight will be part of the season 4 opener.
05:24:58 PM Feb 17th 2013
I dunno, I'm honestly glad we didn't have to see more of the swapped cutie marks thing. Tear Jerker much?
01:14:39 PM Feb 18th 2013
No, but there are several, me included, that thought it worked just fine, mainly thanks to the songs.
04:31:32 PM Feb 18th 2013
Rushed yes, but not horrible. Just could have been better with more time. And from the feel, and the timing, it is entirely possible that the writers thought this MIGHT be the Series Finale and wrote it accordingly. We have no idea how long they knew there would be a season 4.

Also, as much as everyone is blaming Hasbro, all of the writers and show staff to date have made it sound more like his was their idea. Add in just how underplayed the Twilacorn merchandise is compared to the Crystal Empire and Wedding/Cadance stuff which we know were marketing driven. They didn't even unveil any of it till about a week before the finale. Versus months in advance like the others.

Seems to me that it was a Series Fauxnale where they where hedging their ets and making an episode that would serve as a decent finale to the show, while giving them stuff to explore next season should they get the chance

Plus Megan has already stated she considers the episode to be part 1 of a three part story, so the Season 4 premier will pick up where this left off and hopefully answer some of the questions left by the cramped and rushed pacing.
08:22:13 PM Feb 16th 2013
So show of hands, who here was flat out pissed when the even happier credits music was replaced by a Hub ad featuring Miss I don't give a shit America Mary who the frighell cares talking to twilight?
09:06:27 PM Feb 17th 2013
  • raises hand*
05:52:22 AM Feb 21st 2013
  • Hoof in the air*
05:50:04 AM Feb 23rd 2013
Hand and hoof in the air*
11:00:18 AM Mar 12th 2013
Here too.

10:46:31 AM Feb 16th 2013
edited by Skylite
I would say the "Morning In Ponyville" song is more intentional to be a reminder of Beauty and the Beast than it is Hairspray.

Belle is a bookworm who goes through various travails and learning things along the way, ends up as a princess.

Twilight is a bookworm who goes through various travails and learning things along the way, ends up as a princess.

My mistake — Twilight said out loud that she did cast it. I thought it was just her holding up the book with her horn until I rewatched it. Yay for Hub encores.

05:25:55 PM Feb 16th 2013
As the one who made that entry, I believe you're right and have taken it down.
10:07:12 AM Feb 16th 2013
I don't get why the whole "Princess Twilight" is in spoiler tags. It was said everywhere, basically It Was His Sled even before the airing.
10:45:10 AM Feb 16th 2013
Seconded. Besides which, regular Spoiler Policy is trope names don't get spoilered. And on an episode recap, aren't you kind of knowing it comes with the territory?
12:12:29 PM Feb 16th 2013
I believe that other MLP recap pages have spoiler tags, and sometimes spoilering trope names is necessary, as here. I'm against removing them; for the series as a whole, it's most definitely a spoiler, and there are many many casual fans or non-fans who won't have known beforehand. It Was His Sled generally applies to works that have been in the public consciousness for some time, to my knowledge (though it is of course a YMMV item), and this hasn't been.
09:17:36 AM Feb 16th 2013
Can someone double-check me on the "luckiest pony in Equestria" thing? I'm starting to fear I've rewritten my memory of that.
10:44:39 AM Feb 16th 2013
You're on the money. I actually heard it with the echo as if it'd really been the Gehrig speech. "I'm the luckiest ponyponypony on the facecaceace of Equestriatriatria."
08:41:32 AM Feb 16th 2013
Stealth Pun: Intentional or not, Twilight becoming a princess...

I don't get it. How is that a pun?
08:42:18 AM Feb 16th 2013
One of the Legend of Zelda games is called Twilight Princess - someone added a link.
03:02:12 PM Feb 16th 2013
Added a link. I see what you did there.
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