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05:54:33 PM Jun 5th 2012
WANTED: Somepony to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. The Ponyville Library, Ponyville, Equestria. You'll get paid after we prevent a disaster. Must bring your own ice cream. Fun not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.
07:30:38 AM Mar 12th 2012
I figure there would be a trope for this but I can't locate: Though it was a Fail A Spot Check for Twilight to miss the SSB wing on entering the library, she ultimately lead them to the right place - just on the opposite side of the hall. So for all purposes she *was* right, just looking in the wrong direction. It's like "Two wrongs make a right" or some other type of accidental success, but I just can't locate any trope close to that. (This would apply as well to Twi's freakout getting the two all nice and ready for the next major disaster).
12:13:48 PM Mar 13th 2012
No it is Failed a Spot Check because that's precisely what happened. Twilight was looking for something she should have seen... and didn't.
03:54:25 PM Mar 13th 2012
I don't question that it's Fa SC, as it should have been obvious as soon as they climbed in the window.

That said, Twilight had determined that the SSB wing was in a specific location (failing the spot check that it was right where they came in), snuck their way to that - but on the wrong side of the hall. She was *still right* for all purposes, but blindly ignored the obvious.

Effectively, this would be the nearly the same as when Sweetie Belle tried to top the eggs with parsley in SHS, ending up wrecking the meal but the parsley was placed perfectly.
06:55:10 PM Mar 10th 2012
Why does the edit keep getting locked!?!?!?
07:48:00 PM Mar 10th 2012
Because someone beat you to the punch. Just keep your cursor hovered over the "edit page" button and wait.
05:28:20 PM Mar 12th 2012
Or hit edit page once and keep pressing F5 every so often.
04:49:56 PM Mar 10th 2012

I got a question? Spike say she should stop pacing — she making groves in the floor. Do with a trope that deals with this — as I call this from another animal show, "Ducktales".
04:57:37 PM Mar 10th 2012
Never mind. Someone "ninja-ed" me as they said over at RPG.Net.
04:25:41 PM Mar 10th 2012
does anyone know the trope for stuff that is not ordinary but no-one looks twice at it?

twilight lampshades it at the end
04:42:21 PM Mar 10th 2012
03:07:20 PM Mar 10th 2012
edited by GoldenFootballPlayer
Huh, I just realized that three different shows share this exact same title: Phineas and Ferb, The Penguins of Madagascar and this show. Coincidence?
01:53:28 PM Mar 10th 2012
So Pinkie Pie is a gypsy? I guess Friendship is Witchcraft was right.
12:56:30 PM Mar 10th 2012
Will somebody get rid of all the exclamation marks! It's really annoying! Honestly, overuse of exclamation marks is like quiet shouting (if you'll excuse the oxymoron.) Also what's with Future!Twilight?
01:08:25 PM Mar 10th 2012
It's the same deal with New!Fluttershy and Greedy!Spike. I guess it's a TV Tropes policy that could qualify as a trope, if it doesn't already.
12:11:03 PM Mar 10th 2012
edited by Pannic
"Groundhog Day" Loop? Please, learn what a trope means before sticking it onto an article. Seriously.

And what's with all the "Possibly" entries? Don't put tropes if they're just speculation unless it's severely hinted at in a preview or something.
12:41:12 PM Mar 10th 2012
it's been fixed, and the "possibly"s were WMG while we waited on the episode

they always get removed or expanded upon when the episode comes
09:52:48 PM Feb 17th 2012
Anyone else think this episode title is really fitting? After spending most of the season being Out of Focus, it really is about time that we got another Twilight episode. The only thing that saddens me is that she's probably going to go crazy yet again. That poor pony has had more psychotic breakdowns than any of the others.
02:57:55 PM Feb 12th 2012
Does anyone else think the whole time travel thing is actually fake? Sorry, but I'm playing the game Professor Layton and the Unwound Future and it's making me really suspicious.
08:33:12 PM Feb 12th 2012
edited by CasatodoTotal
gotta say, after what happened on the other game (the one referencing hearth and hooves day) that possibility it's on the table, but its no warranty, i prefer to believe the short but faulty recap (that, on its way, its always right) to a game that can divert people from the real plot. also its a message from the future, not strictly "time travel".

ok, i read about the game (gotta love tvtropes for spoilers :P) and until the episode says otherwise, i still stand by the recap twilight being hoaxed by a message from not-herself is very harsh and i dont get what lesson will you get with that
12:03:21 PM Feb 13th 2012
edited by GoldenFootballPlayer
My theory (which I will add to WMG) is that "Future Twilight" sends Twilight a message that one of her friends will betray her.

And then Twilight realizes she should be more trusting, eventually.
05:07:23 PM Feb 11th 2012
Are people really happy that Twilight's going crazy again? Thi season has had a lot of such plots.
09:21:41 PM Feb 11th 2012
edited by CasatodoTotal
im sick of twilight getting sick (xD), seriously, rainbow dash can be more worried that what was shown on "mare do well" or "sonic rainboom"
01:09:51 PM Feb 11th 2012
Who else is hoping we'll finally get a speaking role from Doctor Whooves?
05:05:39 PM Feb 11th 2012
I am.
06:43:18 PM Feb 11th 2012
I definitely am! I'm a big Doctor Who fan!
08:29:41 AM Feb 12th 2012
Here's hoping he does get a speaking role. *crosses fingers and prays.*
12:51:22 PM Feb 12th 2012
edited by Ryonne
Here's hoping it's actually David Tennant. Celestia knows they could...
12:51:22 PM Feb 12th 2012
edited by Ryonne
Oops! If someone could kindly delete this, that would be wonderful.
01:42:59 PM Feb 13th 2012
Hey, the discussion page isn't a forum, guys. :) It's to discuss issues and matters to do with the page itself.
12:34:45 PM Mar 10th 2012
Doesn't matter now, as Doctor Whooves shows up, but to laugh at Twi.
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