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05:36:13 AM Feb 15th 2012
Diamond Tiara's Humiliation Conga ends with Cool and Unusual Punishment delivered by Laser-Guided Karma. That both the Smith AND Rich families, as well as Ponyville, owed their good fortunes to the zap apple jam of Granny Smith was enough of a slap in the face to the Evil Alpha Foal, but impressed Silver Spoon enough to clap for Granny—which led to others clapping. She sounds like a Cool Old Lady — even if a little kooky.

Is there a "Method to the Madness" trope we can use for all what Granny does for getting the zap apple jam ready? I'm not sure the Obfuscating Stupidity or Obfuscating Insanity tropes apply here.
09:52:54 AM Feb 15th 2012
Also, should "Digging Yourself Deeper" or "Nice Job Fixing It, Bad Filly" fit here? To paraphrase the "Nice Job Fixing It, Villain" from another page:

"Oh, sure, insult the old lady who made your family rich in the first place with her zap apple jam and helped get Ponyville established because of it. It's not like your Dad's going to put bunny ears on you and have you sing to watering cans...oh, he IS? Oops..."
02:10:34 PM Jan 9th 2012
edited by Chariset
I'm not sure where to put this, but the revelation that the Apple family was one of the founding families of Ponyville makes Applejack's outburst at Twilight Sparkle in Winter Wrap Up seem more justified. After all, it wasn't just the honor of Earth ponies she was insulting, it was the honor of her own fore-sires and -dams, using magic for a task traditionally done with honest labor.
08:40:12 PM Jan 9th 2012
I was thinking the same thing. Though it does bring up a peculiar question; if Applejack's family helped found Ponyville, who was the pony that enforced the no-magic rule? Was it Granny Smith? Imagine how that pony would have reacted to Twilight's little spectacle...

The whole situation reeks of Fridge, but I assume your original revelation would be Fridge Brilliance.
10:27:29 PM Jan 8th 2012
edited by theodrixx
Can we come to a consensus about whether Twist's half-lidded eyes are indicative of boredom-induced sleepiness or doe-eyed admiration? There's conflicting opinions on the tropes list.

Personally I think she's very interested. She's been shown to be kind of a teacher's pet (during her first appearance, she enthusiastically answers Cheerilee's question) and Mr. Rich's presentation seems like exactly the kind of thing she would geek out about.

Then again, she doesn't clap at the end of the speech. Maybe she just has an inappropriate crush on him.
09:07:02 AM Jan 9th 2012
My vote is for boredom. Diamond Tiara is the one that showed admiration, and if Twist was interested at all she would have clapped with Tiara at the end of the speech. The crush theory... I can't disprove, but you can't prove it either, can you?
02:19:04 PM Jan 9th 2012
I'd say 'asleep with her eyes open'. She's still wearing the same expression when Apple Bloom is trying to get out of bringing Granny Smith to class.
10:34:07 AM Jan 10th 2012
Is that right?

Maybe Twist suffers from narcolepsy.
11:28:27 AM Jan 10th 2012
Or maybe listening to a stallion talking up the pony equivalent of Wal-Mart is about as investing as a dishwasher.
02:00:30 PM Jan 8th 2012
edited by Erroneous
So, how about those Timber Wolves? Pretty nifty monsters that are now in the pony Bestiary.

Though I think their BARK is worse than their bite! (I REGRET NOTHING)
08:55:48 PM Jan 7th 2012
Totally gushing right now, but I love that Lil' Smith worked an industry and a legacy out of domesticating and harvesting some of the superfruit that popped up in Everfree Forest, instead of it just being the town hazard or where to get the secret potion ingredient. How come there aren't more Aesop's about making things work out for you instead of just going on fetch quests to prove yourself, somehow?
06:59:19 AM Jan 8th 2012
Usually it's easier for the writers to set the stakes higher in the "fetch quest" scenario. A character proving something to him or herself is usually also seen as a greater reward than just adapting to a situation. Not that I would have preferred Granny Smith go on a fetch quest for her Zap Apples; in fact seeing her resourcefulness and intelligence at work proves quite a bit about her character. The fetch quest is just easier to write than the alternative, although when used correctly either story can be interesting.

And yes, seeing the Everfree Forest as a boon rather than a bane was rather refreshing. Too bad the Timber Wolves scared filly Granny half to death.
08:53:33 PM Jan 7th 2012
This is one of the few episodes - if not the only one - with their own Heartwarming/Awesome sections.

I think regular protocol calls for entries to go in the Main Heartwarming/Awesome sections, under the episode subsection. Is this right?
08:57:01 PM Jan 7th 2012
10:31:02 AM Jan 8th 2012
So... *cough* do you... want to move them?
10:19:12 AM Jan 7th 2012
There's a little bit I'm wondering if there's a trope for.

In her Flash Back story, Granny says the family was on the verge of starving because Apple Trees don't grow overnight, and they were running short. But the Zap Apple trees actually do grow overnight. They're what saved the farm, and what made Sweet Apple Acres so popular that Ponyville was founded.

Is there such a trope?
01:58:06 PM Jan 7th 2012
Not exactly. Apple trees don't grow overnight, but magical Zap Apple trees do. They're magic.
05:50:52 PM Jan 7th 2012
I guess I watch too much Phineas and Ferb: X doesn't just fall from the sky you know! [X falls from the sky].

Do we have a trope for falling stars or false teeth? I googled a little but didn't see anything.
08:19:25 PM Jan 7th 2012
Just falling stars or just false teeth? Not really. Those aren't tropes per se, falling stars are just falling stars and dentures are just dentures. There are tropes related to such things, like how Make a Wish involves wishing on (not necessarily shooting) stars and Fang Thpeak involves a change in speech based on fangs or mouth fixtures, but neither of those fit for this episode.
08:21:22 PM Jan 7th 2012
Tempting Fate might work, or Contrived Convience. Nothing on the other ones.
06:11:59 PM Jan 8th 2012
Well, I meant more the wacky Played for Laughs things that happen in cartoons and fictional media that revolve around old people with false teeth.

01:12:08 PM Jan 9th 2012
edited by OmniSonic
Seems like a subtrope of Hilarity Ensues, but doesn't quite fit. EDIT: Just saw the YKTTW, perhaps you could also include instances like Tom and Jerry where teeth are taken out as if they were false sets.
08:00:24 AM Jan 7th 2012
Scootaloo calls Apple Bloom a dictionary in this episode. This could just be a call back to "Return of Harmony," where Scootaloo called Sweetie Belle a dictionary as well. But if Apple Bloom = dictionary and Sweetie Belle = dictionary, then Sweetie Belle = Apple Bloom. Which might all be some crazy theory that has no relevance to anything, but I'm not so sure, considering who does Sweetie Belle's singing voice...

Also, does this episode make Granny Smith a Bunny-Ears Lawyer? All the steps for zapapple jam are really quirky, but she is certainly good at what she does. Plus I think putting her under that trope would be hilarious considering she dresses up in a bunny costume.
09:58:13 AM Jan 7th 2012
Ah, yes, but Apple Bloom was really just spitting out a string of synonyms, which would make her a thesaurus. Scootaloo was mistaken.
08:23:47 PM Jan 7th 2012
Confound you Scootaloo, no wonder you're my least favorite Crusader! Oh well, what about Granny Smith then? Would Bunny-Ears Lawyer work or is there a better trope for her?
08:37:06 PM Jan 7th 2012
It seems appropriate. Although she's not technically employed, her jam is world famous for a reason.

Also we should do it Just for Pun.
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