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04:07:50 PM Jan 15th 2014
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I wish those that have very different tiles for their American release would list those 2, even on the page for the movie itself I usually can't find it.

Example, The Columbus Files is also known as Fugiko's Unlucky Days
06:24:20 PM Jan 15th 2014
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The recap page isn't the primary listing for that film, Lupin III Yearly Specials is.

It's listed there as English release title (Romanization of Japanese title).

On the page itself, Lupin III: The Columbus Files tells you it is The Columbus Files, released in Japan in 1999 as Ai no da capo ~Fujiko's Unlucky Days~.

Also, there's only one American title for that film.
06:46:00 AM Jan 16th 2014
Weird that I could only find the Dub on Youtube under the Japanese title.

Apparently the Gold of Babylon was never subbed, Amazon is only selling a VHS and it's Subbed.
07:02:18 AM Jan 16th 2014
Babylon has never been dubbed in English. There are English subtitles around the internet.

I've been working to make sure every title is present in the first paragraph of the work.
03:05:28 PM Feb 4th 2012
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Okay, guys. I'm seeing confusion in the way we're submitting new stuff for the TV specials and films, so I thought perhaps we should get this worked out before it becomes a problem. I can't seem to find a precedent or example from another series. I'd love to hear an answer if someone else might know.

Do we need to submit these separate but indexed under Anime, or as a Recap? Looks like more are marked as recaps, and I'm fine with that, actually. If someone knows about an established guideline for situations like this, spill now please.
07:33:12 AM Feb 5th 2012
The first "recap" was the individually made Castle of Cagliostro. But I've been trying to direct the links to a recap page and write new ones there. But I haven't written any in awhile.
08:21:20 PM Feb 7th 2012
Right, I saw that. Just wondering, since we have Twilight Gemini as Anime, but the rest as recaps.

I don't want to have to go around switching everything when it was supposed to be one way or another.
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