Recap Game Of Thrones S 3 E 1 Valar Dohaeris Discussion

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08:03:57 AM Apr 6th 2013
Tactful Translation: Missandei supplies these for her master, Kraznys, in his dealings with Dany, wherein she translates around his constant crude insults of Dany. Though Missandei is clearly an unnecessary translator, since Daenerys visibly reacts to some of the insults Kraznys speaks.

- Is this Fridge Brilliance in the making? As in...did Emilia Clarke react to those lines visibly because she was told to, or because she'd actually learned enough Valyrian from doing the show? The books are explicit in mentioning Dany (and Arstan's, due to things happening in a different order) attempts to keep straight faces.
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