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09:57:31 AM Apr 28th 2013
Is he actually called "the professor" anywhere? The Doctor introduces him as Major Alec Palmer.
03:42:48 AM Apr 22nd 2013
Am I the only one thinking that Alec Palmer talking about his motives and past to the Doctor could be seen as a Not So Different moment ?
01:44:11 PM Apr 20th 2013
Call Back or Continuity Nod or whatever... at any rate, I'm pretty sure that the Tardis' Cloister Bell went off when The Doctor got stuck in a pocket universe and nearly wrote himself out of existence.

Also, the Tardis definitely seemed to get more of a character in this episode. Anthropomorphism? Is that a word? It that *the* word?
01:10:51 PM Apr 21st 2013
That is indeed the appropriate word.
02:32:18 AM Apr 24th 2013
Speaking of that, is not that one of the first times the TARDIS seems to be flying by herself ? Clara certainly was not piloting her when they went to the pocket dimension.
11:40:58 AM Mar 30th 2013
Caliburn. Is it just me or are Andrew Hussie and whoever wrote this episode in cahoots?
03:32:20 PM Apr 24th 2013
No. Caliburn is an old Welsh name for a mythical sword, probably the origin of Excalibur. It's an entirely reasonable name for an English house.
05:11:20 AM Apr 26th 2013
I know. I was joking. I was actually on vacation in Wales and learned how to pronounce the sword's Welsh name, Caledfwlch. Hence the joke.