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09:03:28 AM Jan 21st 2012
Maybe it's just me, but House, when takes control of the Tardis, reminds me of Shodan, for example in: HOUSE: So, are we having fun yet? I'm rather enjoying the sensation of having you running around inside me. That recalls: Shodan: Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?
06:51:46 PM Nov 23rd 2011
Not really something that belongs in the article, but I was watching a French fansub of the episode on Dailymotion, and where the Doctor said "Come on then Sexy," the translation was "Allons-y Sexy"!
12:18:21 PM May 20th 2011
I'm probably going to sound needy and demanding, and I'm sorry for that... but, um, does anyone plan to actually recap this episode?
09:42:16 PM Jun 11th 2011
I'm not fond of the current review up right now (I know exactly the site it came from and it functioned great as a review but not as a recap). I have an almost-complete recap done that will probably replace what's up right now once my finals are done.
10:58:24 PM May 17th 2011
Idris talks like Dr Manhattan from Watchmen. I almost added that to the "Shout Out" section, but I don't think it is one — she simply talks that way for the same reason Dr Manhattan does. So it's not a shout out, it's just two different authors doing similar things as a result of similar set-ups.

What I'm saying is, should this be added at all or is it not even worth mentioning?
08:40:41 PM May 18th 2011
Sounds like an Expy?
08:28:17 PM May 15th 2011
edited by Xaldien
Not exactly sure what trope this would fit under.

There was a passing line that the Doctor made concerning the Corsair that seems to suggest that Time Lords can change sex during regeneration.

Edit: Nevermind. Someone beat me to it.
07:24:49 AM May 15th 2011
edited by SpiritOfSahara
Explanation to the editing of the quotes - having two quotes right on top of the page is a bit much. Also, the Badass Boast is pretty much only there because it adheres to Rule of Cool while the second is far more relevant to the episode.

EDIT: Well, they're both relevant, get my point.
05:30:43 AM May 15th 2011
Thinking her name is "Sexy": I'm positive there's a trope for "You always say X when you talk to me, so my name must be X!" but for the life of me, I can't figure out what or where it is. Anyone know?
07:33:36 AM May 15th 2011
08:30:58 AM May 15th 2011
edited by Wackd
Blackadder: Right. Now all we have to do is fill in this MP application form. "Name"...Baldrick. First name?
Baldrick: Er... I'm not sure.
Blackadder: Well, you must have some idea.
Baldrick: Well, it might be Sod-Off.
Blackadder: What?
Baldrick: Well, when I was little and I used to play in the gutter, I used to say to the other snipes "Hello, my name's Baldrick." And they'd say "Yes we know. Sod off, Baldrick."
02:06:29 PM May 15th 2011
Sounds like a variant of Hello, [Insert Name Here].
04:12:50 AM May 15th 2011
edited by Tranquility
Not sure where this should go, I think it's Fandom Nod and/or Leaning on the Fourth Wall (certainly a Crowning Moment of Funny): When having their little tiff in the junkyard about the Doctor never reading instructions, Idris points out that the sign on the door of the TARDIS says "Pull to Open", but the Doctor always "pushes"!
09:38:24 PM May 10th 2011
The title - "The Doctor's Wife" - may be a callback to an incident when John Nathan-Turner was producer. Frustrated that details of upcoming episodes were being leaked to the press, Nathan-Turner placed a fictitious episode title, "The Doctor's Wife", on his production board in his office. The title was leaked to the press, but Nathan-Turner forgot to keep track of who had visited his office that week, so he never did find out who the source of the leaks was.
10:02:55 PM May 14th 2011
Seems like that could be added to either callback, or trivia.
09:41:11 PM Jun 11th 2011
Confirmed by Word of God, apparently.
11:27:37 AM Sep 1st 2012
does idris remind anyone else of delirium given who wrote this episode it shouldnt be suprising
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