Recap Doctor Who S 31 E 1 The Eleventh Hour Discussion

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11:07:16 AM Nov 24th 2013
The previous episode used the new series numbers, but this episode uses the old ones. Should it be changed to Doctor Who NS 4 E 01 The Elevent Hour?
11:25:48 AM Jun 19th 2011
Radio Wave Thing

Someone lists the radio wave thing in the Freeze Frame bonus. What is the radio wave thing? Can we have a time stamp at least?
03:04:31 PM Mar 8th 2011
Should we include the added 'meanwhile in the TARDIS' scenes?
01:43:02 AM Oct 7th 2010
The Doctor says to Amelis that he doesn't have an aunt. Considering the Time War and all. It's kinda sad. Do we have a trope for this?
05:05:07 AM Apr 5th 2010
Am I the only one that finds Prisoner Zero Ugly Cute? Especially it's voice.
08:39:35 AM Apr 4th 2010
Possible Call Back (or even Continuity Nod) and funny moment, but I need it confirming, might have been me making up my own jokes. Just after his sonic screwdriver has blown-up and the shapeshifter has gone down the drain, I swear the Doctor mutters "No TARDIS, no sonic screwdriver... seventies me... THINK!" Referring to his Jon Pertwee incarnation when he was stuck on Earth. However, it could have been "seventeen minutes" instead of "seventies me" - can anybody confirm/deny?
11:26:34 AM Apr 4th 2010
He says seventeen Minuets, Sadly
03:28:20 PM Apr 4th 2010
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Oh well... I prefer my version.
08:01:11 AM Apr 14th 2010
It couldn't be "70s me", sadly, due to the UNIT dating controversy.
09:26:05 PM Jul 29th 2010
No it wouldn't? The UNIT dating controversy means that the UNIT stories of the Third and Fourth Doctor go back and forth as to whether they're set in the date of broadcast or Next Sunday A.D..
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