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11:48:59 AM Jan 28th 2013
Does it bug anyone else in "The Time of the Angels" episode when Amy trips and falls, WE actually see the Angles move toward her? I thought the aesthetic was neat, and it was totally scary as hell (which is probably why they did it—Rule of Cool/Rule of Scary), but it didn't fit what we knew about the Weeping Angles up to that point. I thought it very clever the suggestion that in "Blink," the audience is part of the action: we're watching the screen and so the Angels don't move until something crosses in front of the camera, and then "OMGHOLYSHITITMOVED!"

Nobody knows what the Angles actually look like when they're not being observed by anyone. It's implied (or maybe outright told to us) that they have a whole 'nother form and only turn into stone and basically cease to live when they are seen...including by each other. So, even though Amy couldn't see them, the Angels could still see one another.

I just feel it just robbed a bit of the brilliance away from "Blink."
06:20:56 PM May 15th 2010
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Nevermind, sorry, wrong page. There used to be a complaint here. It's gone now.
04:08:20 AM May 9th 2010
To whoever made that entry on Schmuck Bait, Fuck you. It is brilliant, but I may not go to sleep tonight.
08:43:49 AM May 9th 2010
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I wanted to put the hottip in Paranoia Fuel, but there wasn't a good lead in since most people watched the show on their televisions. I worry that the below entry for High Octane Nightmare Fuel spoils it a bit.
05:19:29 PM Jun 14th 2010
I laughed so hard I cried. Sheer perfection.
02:13:32 PM Oct 8th 2010
You Magnificent Bastard! Jolly well done!
11:48:20 AM May 1st 2010
Trolling? Is that what you'd call it? I don't think you can troll inanimate objects.
05:33:00 AM May 1st 2010
What is the name of the species that built the Maze?

The article refers to them as both "Alfava" and "Alfraxi", neither of which sound anything like what the characters say in the episode.
07:58:20 AM May 1st 2010
I believe they're called the Aplans.
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