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08:17:58 PM May 20th 2013
I can't help wondering if Sally Sparrow taking things so well may have a deeper, shout-out-ier (it's a word!) cause: a relative who wrote a book on time travel, perhaps?
10:39:10 AM May 14th 2012
I just realized that turning out the light in the basement may not be a case of New Powers as the Plot Demands. Earlier, the Doctor said that if the Angels get inside the TARDIS, they'll have enough power to "turn off the sun." So, it was actually foreshadowed that they could extinguish light sources, it's just a difference of scale!
04:24:21 PM Sep 8th 2013
It fits, and during the Angels' later appearances, this would be an ability that they would use again.
06:18:50 PM Sep 19th 2011
Just a bit of Wild Mass Guessing, but Wester Drumlins was a very old building. Maybe, instead of the angel using telekinesis to turn off that light, it was just pointing out that the electricity was in poor repair. It's not like the angels ever actually say that they're turning out the lights.
02:26:13 PM Apr 26th 2012
I actually love that idea. It fits with Angel!Bob's politeness in "The Time of Angels"/"Flesh and Stone."
06:44:46 PM Jul 27th 2011
I have actually seen T-shirts with "The Angels Have The Time Box" on them at conventions before. complete with little cartoon angels pulling along the TARDIS. I want one.
07:04:34 PM Apr 25th 2011
If you were wearing night-vision-goggles, would the Angels still be able to move when you look at them? Technically, you're looking at a screen, not the Angels themselves.
08:28:27 PM May 9th 2011
edited by Zernik
Well, given that the Techno Babble explaining the Angels' stealth is that they're "quantum locked", I'm going to assume that anything qualifying as a measurement ([1]) freezes them. It's a very subtle question in general, but in that specific case, using night-vision goggles is not a significantly more indirect measurement than photons hitting your retina and triggering a nerve impulse.
01:32:48 AM Jul 27th 2012
Oh sweet Jesus that means the night vision goggles would hold the image of an angel. The night vision goggles are going to turn into one.
11:33:59 PM Oct 16th 2010
This really goes on a "Troper Tales" page, but this article hasn't got one...

The first time I watched this episode, I had the sound muted. I watched the entire episode without hearing a word of dialogue... and I understood everything that was going on perfectly. (*Except for the "pants" joke.) Someone once said that a well-written TV show could be understood by a deaf person. By that logic, this was a well-written episode. It was one of the most incredible (TV-watching) moments of my life.
04:52:09 PM Jun 14th 2010
They're moving in between the frames of the video.

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