Recap Doctor Who NSS 1 E 3 The Unquiet Dead Discussion

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07:00:51 AM Nov 4th 2011 race of gaseous aliens tries to possess the bodies of the dead in order to live. Rose Tyler objected to this, saying it wasn't right. Our doctor friend didn't exactly tell her to shut up, but he might as well have. Of course it turns out the aliens wanna take over the world, but he didn't exactly apologize to Rose for insulting her morality, and she had a real point. It would be one thing to let people give up their deceased willingly for the sake of others, but even THEN such a lifestyle is sketchy, and those bodies weren't the doctor's to give away.

Here's the thing: the Doctor is ALWAYS the visitor to other cultures. He and his companions are guests. As such, when you're a guest, you should respect the other culture's laws as much as possible, and societal laws, ESPECIALLY during the time he were visiting, would definitely not be alright with him giving the okay to have freaky aliens possessing dead bodies when said dead bodies weren't related to him or even close friends. He has no legal power over them, and besides, how are you going to explain things to their families?

"Hi, this was your great aunt Sally. She's dead, but her body's got a new tenant, her name is Blaaarsk."

He was, after all, in Victorian England. There'd be panic in the streets. "Dawn of the Dead"! Now if he'd tried this during MODERN times and explained the situation to others, maybe they'd be more open to it, but even then, I sincerely doubt it.

The fact that the Gelth ended up being evil in the end is kinda cold comfort. Am I the only one who wanted to tell the Doctor to shove his attitude up his big fat British ass?

01:19:26 AM Aug 11th 2014
That's a good point - the Eccleston season suffered from a lot of stuff like this, general bad writing and fail aesops, except for the Empty Child two-party.
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