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01:46:05 PM Jan 17th 2017
Hi I'm trying to figure out how to index the Daria episode pages, can someone explain to me how to do it?
05:03:07 AM Jan 18th 2017
Currently the index pages only check for new pages when they are edited, all you have to do is make a null edit at this page (click edit then save without any changes) and the pages will be added to the list
02:53:54 AM Jul 3rd 2012
Why are all the links blue when the pages created haven't been written?
04:55:44 AM Jul 3rd 2012
edited by Telcontar
I think it's because they're in potholes — "[[LAKkjngeWtKNresfd Random text link]]" shows up as "Random text link", though the page doesn't exist.

Edit: Oh, I was sure that would be blue. Huh, then I have no idea.
09:39:20 PM Jul 8th 2012
It was fixed when I started a page for an episode.
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