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10:43:21 AM Aug 5th 2012
Evil Is Stylish is being merged into Complexity Addiction, and I can't tell if this is an example. If so, feel free to add it back under Complexity Addiction, but be sure to read the trope description first.

  • Evil Is Stylish: Angelus brags to Spike and the dolly-clutching Drusilla about his adventures at the school. Spike is still back stuck at the part where he didn't kill the Slayer, but Drusilla's worked it out. Poking her doll in the eyes (a frequent Dru motif), explains that Angelus wants to hurt Buffy before he kills her. She smiles at him nostalgically: "Just like you hurt me." Angelus taunts Spike that his usual mode of attack clearly isn't working, seeing how he's stuck in a wheelchair. He concludes:
    "To kill this girl, you have to love her."
06:26:12 AM Mar 25th 2012
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