Recap Arrow S 1 E 23 Sacrifice Discussion

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03:48:42 AM May 16th 2013
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Ideas! Ideas for everyone!

Tommy's response to Malcolm admitting to wanting to destroy the Glades what just, "What." I notice that this is part of the This Is Not That Trope section at the top of Flat "What.", so would it be Dull Surprise? Tommy is pissed/confused, but his initial reaction is just a completely blank face, staring eyes and pretty clear "WTF" in body language.

Would Malcolm's plan to level the Glades count as Disproportionate Retribution? He's not seeking vengeance against a specific person, but an entire place... for the murder of his wife years ago. "So these people deserve to die?"

"*Chewing the Scenery*YES!!! ALL OF THEM!!!"

Borrowed Catchphrase: "I have failed this city." - Moira Queen but it's paraphrasing...

Character Development: Detective Lance. In this episode, he actually stands up for the vigilante... then Reality Ensues and he loses his job for conspiring with a known criminal. However, he is proven correct (thought it remains to be seen if this turns out alright for him) and he seems to have a mixture of pride and fulfilment when he tells the vigilante that, "The city needs you," and gets told in return, "Right now, Detective, the city needs 'you'."

Possible Shout-Out: Ollie knows that Merlyn can do an Arrow Catch from the previous episode. When it happens again, we see that it's an explosive arrow this time. Hmm. Evil villain with a master plan to destroy a city catches an explosive arrow which blows up in his face... would a DC show be so bold as to nod and wink to The Avengers?!

Also, there's a possible subversion of... something. The evil plan, The Undertaking... well, it seemed pretty stupid. Ollie pieced together clues and eventually figured that the device would be where Malcolm's wife was killed. I *almost* lost faith in Malcolm, the much older guy that held off TWO attackers, one armed with a bow, the other a GUN until Ollie sacrificed his shoulder... (Die Hard 4 Shout-Out?) but then it turned out that he had another device. It seems that the show decided not to have the villain make stupid mistakes.

"The Reason You Suck" Speech: It's not much of one (hence why I haven't added it to the main page) but it's pointed out that Ollie doesn't really know how far he's willing to go. Later becomes some sort of mishmash of Hoist by His Own Petard and Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! since it convinces Ollie to go the distance.

Also, the scenes with Thea and Roy. Their whole romance thing was adorable. "You came to rescue me?" says the guy that has just taken on two thugs and got himself held at gunpoint, only for his (thought-to-be-ex-) girlfriend to bottle the armed man. Her comment on her 'good aim' seems like Foreshadowing or a Mythology Gag. They were briefly a Battle Couple. They had a Big Damn Kiss. Seems like a Relationship Upgrade.
04:31:51 AM May 16th 2013
Tommy's response was mixed, he was definitely confused and looked a little drunk. Or was at least drinking.

Lance pretty much did get character developemnt here and some good one.

Merlyn would be dangerously genre savvy by having a second device and Ollie would've just been genre savvy with Merlyn catching the arrow.

Those are my comments on some them.
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