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03:09:17 AM Nov 19th 2017
This Sailor Moon example is way too long and needs to be shortened.
  • In all versions Minako is the first Sailor Soldier to activate, practically fighting alone for a full year before the others start being activated. As a result, she's by far the most competent but also suffers from severe mental issues that she doesn't fully get over them until the final arc/season and surface from time to time, even with her great ability to hide her problems under a mask of cheerfulness:
    • In the manga she sometimes takes downright reckless actions, even knowingly walking in a Black Moon trap, in the attempt to protect or rescue her teammmates. She's also far more violent than the others, and you almost find yourself pitying her opponents when she's about to brutally cut them into pieces.
    • In the Dream Arc of the manga her friends, due the clearly hard situation, suggest to bring in the Outers, and when that fails they mention them multiple times. This results in Minako blowing up at them and knowingly walking in an enemy trap once again... To their utter surprise, because Minako's false cheerfulness was so convincing they had no idea of her problems.
    • In the S season of the anime she goes in an existential crisis when she's the only one of the Inners who hasn't been targeted for her Pure Heart Crystal yet, taking it as a sign she may not have a pure heart and outright baiting them. She's also overjoyed when Eudial does target her... Without even having noticed the baiting, as Minako had no idea how Eudial choose her targets.
    • In the Super S season Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye unwittingly piss her off, and Minako quickly transforms into Sailor Venus and fires a burst of Crescent Beams that utterly kicks their asses and those of their two Lemures... But because she was so angry, Sailor Venus almost killed Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon, as she didn't check they were out of the line of fire. Luckily, in the anime Minako is not as good with her act and Sailor Moon, who already had an idea of her friend's problems before the previous season's incident, hit the ground as soon as she saw how angry she was.
    • Artemis is Minako's closest friend (in the manga Minako once called in a "brother-in-law" once, and they only grew closer after that) and can get away with a lot of things with her... But even he tends to dance very carefully on certain issues. The only time he didn't was during the Super S season incident, as he needed Minako angry to free herself from a bad situation and save Sailor Moon and Chibimoon due them being overwhelmed by two Lemures, so he deliberatedly stirred her already existing anger at the situation... And then was terrified as soon as he saw how angry he had got her. What followed was the above-mentioned incident where Sailor Venus almost killed her friends as collateral damage.
  • Minako is often hinted to having grown up abroad (with the anime doing everything but stating it directly to show she spent part of her childhood in London). It's unknown the part this played in her peculiar personality (that would stand out less in Europe), but she has troubles with Japanese sayings and the Japanese school system-especially the English class, as while she's shown to be rather fluent that translates badly with the rote memorization-based English classes of Japanese schools.
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