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01:21:42 PM Jun 15th 2014
I wanna add Scott Mc Niel, but I'm not sure what category to put him under, since he's done a lot of VA work for anime, western animation, and video games.
10:46:35 AM Apr 23rd 2014
I've restored a few examples detailing scenes wherein rape occurs in a work of fiction. I know there's been a site-wide effort to edit or remove some tropes directly related to the heinous act, but as far as I know it's not forbidden from mention. As TV Tropes has a "no trigger warnings allowed outside Fan Fic" policy, and some of the previous entries mentioning rape (whose edits I have, at least for the time being, reversed) had spoiler tags which has also been deemed inappropriate for the site, I've added them back in for clarity's sake. I wanted to make mention of it here so my reasoning is transparent in case there's been a policy decision about this that I've somehow missed.
04:52:37 PM Nov 22nd 2013
I'm not mad about it, I'd just like to know why Rocco Siffredi was removed?
12:11:54 AM Nov 23rd 2013
The answer is somewhere on this very page. Look around a bit.
10:27:59 PM Dec 6th 2013
Reading things does help... Alright then, thanks. Just trying to make sure I didn't offend anyone.
07:34:47 PM Sep 20th 2013
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08:36:12 PM Sep 20th 2013
Deleted this example from film folder. We don't trope porn.

  • Adult film star, Rocco Siffredi, is notorious for his extremely hardcore scenes. A lot of his scenes involve borderline abusing women while having sex with them. The women that have worked with him have all expressed satisfaction with him, however, calling him one of the sweetest pornographic actors they've ever worked with. Apparently, he's so good at what he does, it's rare you'll find a girl who didn't absolutely enjoy herself with Rocco. He's also a devoted father and likes to give troubled males advice on sex.
    • Also a rarity among porn actors is his willingness to stop if he is doing something a starlet is uncomfortable with. Usually these scenes are cut out when other directors are involved, but Rocco will leave some of these scenes in. Whenever someone makes an argument that male porn actors are ruthless aggressive sex maniacs, Rocco is brought up to prove them wrong.
06:19:33 AM May 26th 2013
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The Live Action TV section is just a mess. There are duplicate discussions of the same actor, actors from the same TV show are mentioned in several different places, and everyone listed is described "being really nice" (although women are more often called "sweet") and "friendly to fans". It is beyond repetitive and it sounds like every contribution was written by a fan of their TV show who ran into them on the street...lots of gushing.

Anyone have the time to do some cleanup?
07:24:46 PM Sep 20th 2013
Yes. I'll purge the page, mercilessly.
01:45:18 AM Jun 24th 2012
edited by Wata4
I want to suggest an illustration for this page: the picture of Tom Hiddelston as Loki with a little boy on his shoulders. You know the one. It says everything there is to says.

Edit:hereis the picture with the story. It seems to be well known enough in the MCU fandom that the kid is recognized at conventions.
04:55:54 AM Jun 24th 2012
Actually, I don't know the one. Could you please provide a link?
07:26:08 PM Sep 20th 2013
BTW, images get chosen in Image Pickin' at the forum. Tropers there don't bite:-)
04:49:58 PM May 20th 2012
I've just cut this out about Vernon Wells

"Except when he's not sober. There are multitudinous tales circulating through the convention circuit of a liquored up Vernon Wells getting into fights with random people at sci fi conventions, to the point that there are entire states in the US from which he's been banned, conventionwise."

It's really not cool to repeat this kind of nasty hearsay about someone unless we know it's true.
07:28:40 PM Sep 20th 2013
Somebody added it back again. I zapped the example and its added natter. I don't know which part is accurate.

  • Vernon Wells, who plays the child-kidnapping psychopath Bennett in Commando is a very nice person in real life, as Arnie himself recalls. This might explain why his next major villain, Ransik in Power Rangers Time Force has a Heel–Face Turn by the end.
    • He's a mean drunk, though, and while he doesn't often drink, when he does drink he does to until he's willing to take a pop at anyone who looks at him wrong. This unfortunate fact was discovered by three difference science fiction conventions the hard way, and at one (Tachy 5 Con in Orlando, Florida), the incident resulted in Wells throwing a punch at an Orange County Deputy Sheriff who was trying to talk him down from an extended rage.
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