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10:53:35 AM Sep 24th 2012
edited by Zef
Deleted Amazon Chaser and No Guy Wants an Amazon from Shampoo's profile because neither fits, ironically enough. Both tropes specifically of how a female character is desirable or undesirable by males because of her toughness and/or ability to kick butt. Neither the schoolboys ogling her nor Mousse himself desire her for this; the former are completely fixated on her looks, and the latter loves her regardless of her fighting ability (it could even be argued that he outranks her in that category.) She doesn't fit the second trope either because a) there's no indication whatsoever that guys reject her for her fighting ability, or that this ability prevents her from getting a romantic interest (Ranma's objections are entirely due to her personality) and b) she only cares about Ranma anyway, so whether any other boy approached her or not, she would't give him the time of day.
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