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05:37:19 AM May 21st 2014
This article is inconsistent. On the main page quote, the line "I am not a racist" has a link to Blatant lies, indicating that Ghost is racist. However, on the Berserk Button entry, it mentions "racist" as "something he's not", indicating that he is not racist.

Which is it, TV Tropes?
06:08:35 AM May 21st 2014
He is, but got severely pissed on accusations he was. I made a slight adjustment, maybe that'll clear it up slightly.
01:07:48 PM Oct 5th 2012
I've noticed a lot of the potholes on this and the surrounding pages to "Quote Mine" aren't actually examples of quote mining. A quote mine would be something Ghost said, but was taken out of context or trimmed somewhat. The average splice, though, is a very different matter.
01:46:19 PM Sep 20th 2012
Okay, I thought that the NCF {AKA the "Niggest Crook Force"} were the ones who hacked Ghost's twitter account and then made it look like Celtic Brony did it? That's what I keep hearing from people online, anyway.
12:58:55 AM Sep 28th 2012
Someone did it and later gave it back. Doesn't matter, really. Probably just an attention whore with second thoughts.
10:12:59 AM Feb 1st 2012
Trying to consider what namespace this work should be: Radio/ or WebOriginal/? I'm asking since this is internet radio, but I may be more inclined towards the latter namespace...
07:47:44 PM Jan 23rd 2012
edited by Krisnack
Can you get permanently banned from the chatroom? I'm asking because I have several ideas for chat names that would probably annoy him and I don't want to go to the trouble of making new accounts.
12:43:12 PM Dec 29th 2011
Dear Editors to this article

I have notice some inaccuracies in this article that, from a listener of Ghost perspective, that are eye bulgingly noticeable... First of all, Tzeki isn't one of Ghost's trolls or in this case "Sitcom Arch Nemesis", believe me, in the July 11'Th episode, Tzeki praised Ghost's new logo, would a troll do that? Plus I've shown him this article and even he says that it was a bunch of bull crap. Second of all, You have failed to mention the Internet Buttstalker, on the account that he was trolling Ghost for 3 years since 2009 when the show was called "True Conservative Radio." Third of all, in your Characters page, Suspicioustumbleweed isn't noteparty, I talked to them individually and they share nothing in common, besides listening to Ghost of course. I hope that these points will help this article in getting for accuracy


A Concerned Citizen
08:54:16 AM Jan 1st 2012
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