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07:54:55 PM Feb 28th 2017
So I was just thinking about how a potential recap page for Adventures in Odyssey would work. Obviously, doing a recap for individual episodes would not work since, you know, there are well over 800 of them by now and that would take ages.

However, my suggestion is, if we started a recap page for Odyssey, we go by album instead of individual episodes. For example, all the tropes pertaining to episodes within, say, album 5 (Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes) will be contained in sections/folders on a page for the album itself. (Perhaps formatted as Recap/AdventuresInOdysseyAlbum5DaringDeedsSinisterSchemes, for example.) Going by that, the list on a recap page would be brought down to a more reasonable number (even if it's still 60+).

Anyone else think this is an okay idea? Or should we just leave Odyssey without a recap page?
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