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02:56:26 AM Jun 2nd 2012
Nobody's added a section for "Totally Spies"? The girls get tied up in creative ways nearly every episode.

Lots of it in this clip assemblage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkXrz3vliGU Especially the one at 1:00 another starts at 2:11, implied "facials" at 2:50 and many many instances of them tied up, hoisted into the air, gagged etc. etc. (Note that *I'm* not into bondage, bukake and the like, but it sure looked like the people who did this series were.)

I know there's one episode where they get stuck in rigs that have a bar connecting their necks to their ankles with a crossbar under their knees. There used to be a web page comparing a screen shot of that to a real version, can't find it now.

Totally Spies was so often under the censor radar it may as well have been a stealth bomber - makes me wonder if the show was more popular with teenage boys and dirty not so old men than the teenage girls it was supposedly aimed at. ;)
02:19:14 PM Dec 2nd 2015
edited by Redmess
That would all fall under Damsel in Distress fare. Also, it is not hidden from the radar in any way. The radar is set pretty high for this particular show.
07:47:47 AM Jul 9th 2010
Would the "Flaming Homer" and "Flaming Moe" also count? I can't believe it took me so long to realize what those terms actually meant (leave it to The Internet to educate me...repeatedly.)
03:15:16 PM Dec 17th 2010
Judging by the definition of 'flaming moe' I just looked up on Urban Dictionary...yes. Yes it would count. Also ew.
04:36:43 AM Oct 23rd 2011
edited by Creamydreamy
We really need a Smurfs section. Like, I can write most of it, from my research. I've been watching the smurfs again recently and it is just shocking. (Sometimes.) 9 seasons over a decade of content and tropes, within there's some dodgy material.

Many things in "The Smurfette" episode. I even heard Hefty shout something obscene to Smurfette after Papa Smurf advises her she should go in her house to freshen up. You hear it clearly. Then there's a crowd noise of "No, let me" "I want her" etc. Okay... he says... he says "I want your hole."

"I want your hole."

"Wild About Smurfette" is all about the smurfs getting jealous of Wild Smurf, who Smurfette has been taking a shine to. There's one hilarious scene where they're all at dinner...

Papa: "My goodness, where's Smurfette? She's missed 3 dinners in a row."

Handy: "She's been spending her time with Wild."

Brainy: "Yes, all her time."

Painter: "Maybe we should go see just what she and Wild are doing, together!"

Papa: "Now now, my little smurfs. Snooping is very unsmurfy!"

Brainy: "Papa Smurf is right. We'll just go make sure they're alright..."

Then there's Vanity Smurf. I would hardly call him Ambiguously Gay because there's nothing Ambiguous at all. The little hints and gestures aren't even little. And they just pile up and snowball.

There's "The Clumsy Genie", one of those goofy time-travel episodes of season 9. Vanity somehow gets this aphrodisiac cologne for attracting women on him, which makes all the girls and Smurfette chase him, and he's fending them off and acting indifferent the whole episode. And in "Dancing Bear", all the smurfs are having a dancing ceremony holiday thing, and they're all dancing, and Vanity says to himself and I quote

"Oh, what a marvelous dancer you are! They don't call you Twinkletoes for nothing."

Don't even get me started on his massage scene in "Jokey's Funny Bone". Oh oh oh indeed.
04:24:49 PM Mar 12th 2014
Might as well lump in the other Hanna-Barbera cartoons while we're at it. In particular, one of their Celebrity Toons, Gravedale High, had a good number of times where the word "bimbo" is used.
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