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09:01:40 AM Dec 9th 2013
I'm not getting what the image is supposed to be. All I see is Squidward and a cape.
06:40:20 AM Sep 28th 2013
Just did a major purge of examples that weren't really examples of this trope. There may be more still on the page, as there were some cases where I couldn't remember the context of the quotes so I left them alone. Someone else should do a once-over.
01:01:53 PM Sep 24th 2013
What's with the page image? It just doesn't scream Getting Crap Past the Radar to me.
10:50:23 AM Jul 14th 2012
This page needs a cleanup.

Seriously, most of the examples here sound less like a Double Entendre and more like Accidental Innuendo. Like, for example, one person mentioned "Spongebob humping the air in the April Fools episode". These people are just taking innocent lines and making them sound dirty out of context.
01:02:23 PM Jun 24th 2013
Agreed. It does really need a massive overhaul.
05:58:10 AM Sep 28th 2013
edited by
Still in desperate need of a cleanup. I'm going to start going through this and getting rid of anything that isn't really an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
05:30:00 PM Oct 1st 2013
Does nobody remember Patrick specifically mentioning a panty raid in the episode where Krabs was going through a midlife crisis? He says it not once, but twice. And then they actually go on it and Krabs gets this huge pair of panties...which turn out to belong to his mother!

I couldn't believe they got that one past the radar...
09:29:43 PM Oct 15th 2011
In Imitation Krabs, when Spongebob rips off an apparently prosthetic head of a fish...

"Everyone at the head enhancement clinic said nobody would notice! *cries*"
08:30:53 PM Oct 28th 2011
That isn't really that dirty, unless you take it that way. Now, if it was a word that sounded like breast...
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