Radar Ratchet And Clank Discussion

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07:02:10 PM Feb 19th 2015
  • In the Crash Site, the Supernova Taxi man smokes a big, thick cigar.


  • During the Battle of Red Rock Valley on Aridia:
Galactic Rangers: Go give those four-eyed scum-sacs a whooping!

Seriously, what? How are these "getting crap past the radar"? Is the cigar unusually phallic? Tobacco and alcohol aren't censored on the Sony Playstation. And I don't see anything possibly objectionable about the second quote.
04:07:04 AM Feb 20th 2015
Cigars can trigger the radar, but that one seems a wee bit too blatant to count for this trope. The second is just bad.

Remove both entries.
06:58:45 PM Feb 19th 2015
  • After rescuing Angela on Planet Greblin:
Angela: Here's my employee card. Ratchet: 20% off discount at Groovy Lube? Angela: Oh! Whoops! Wrong one! The Groovy Lube grand opening is also mentioned in the game's first cutscene.

Surely this is just a play on the American car repair company Jiffy Lube? the word "lube" doesn't primarily refer to sexual lubricant.
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