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01:31:36 AM Jul 1st 2017
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06:53:33 PM Jul 30th 2016
edited by mightymewtron
In the episode "Stranger Than Fanfiction", Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants come across a body pillow that features Daring Do tied up. Rainbow cringes upon seeing it.

Some people may be reaching way too far to put entries on this page, but everything points to this as a scene referencing certain aspects of fandom.
04:53:34 PM Mar 7th 2017
edited by ZombieAladdin
Heh, I was going to add that too (though I wasn't sure if it was a body pillow, but I know one of the Caballeron cosplayers later on is quite clearly carrying a body pillow of her). I don't know how long it's going to be locked or how anything will be added to this though.
01:30:43 AM Jul 1st 2017
That seems way too tame to me.
07:46:02 PM Apr 4th 2018
really? i think the fact that she's tied up and that they point it out and grimace makes it pretty suggestive. seems more blatant than bulk biceps' wings being a reference to steroid use.
05:24:52 PM May 24th 2016
Does the raver pony in the newest episode ("The Saddle Row Review") having a pacifier (which IRL have been used by ravers to cope with certain side effects of MDMA/Ecstasy use) count as this?
11:14:37 AM Sep 23rd 2015
I'm not sure if this one has been said before, but in the episode Secret of My Excess, there's a brief moment where Rarity is looking at a gem Spike's been saving, but the camera angle has it so it looks like she's looking at his crotch, and this is happening while she says the line, "I've never seen anything quite so stunning before." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S027nD_Ax6c I'm fairly certain this was something the animators were sneaking in.
04:51:30 PM Sep 26th 2015
Seems questionable, as it doesn't seem intentional to me. But I'm not ruling it out just yet.
06:32:19 AM Sep 29th 2015
I'm guessing the writers didn't intend for it, but the animators definitely knew what they were doing there.
01:57:21 AM Apr 19th 2015
edited by monkeypizzasonic
Since we still have the Changelings on the list, I feel it would make sense to also have the Sirens from Rainbow Rocks on there as well, maybe even as a second-tier bullet point under that one. They do act like mythological sirens, and their movements are very seductive and invasive of personal space. They just lure people into fighting over silly things like completions instead of flat-out getting them to kill/drown themselves.
02:00:15 AM Apr 19th 2015
That seems pretty weak to me.
04:03:08 PM Jan 20th 2015
I've gone over the main page and I'm still not certain, so I came here for opinions. In the season one episode Sonic Rainboom, at the end of the episode, Rainbow is seen smugly flying away with her forelimbs over the foreshoulders of two Wonderbolt stallions. As she does this, she happily notes that "has plans", which is why she won't join the others. Am I the only one who saw this and found themselves thinking 'impending threesome'?
01:28:55 AM Jan 21st 2015
Seems a bit flimsy.
10:28:35 PM Feb 3rd 2015
It seems rather obvious to me that she just wants to spend time with her heroes...nothing overtly sexual in nature.
12:28:59 PM Oct 22nd 2014
Is the whole "Slumber 101" example really GCPTR? I think it's more of a Parental Bonus, since there's nothing truly lewd or subversive about it, it's just a nod to something that quite obviously is.
02:06:44 PM Oct 22nd 2014
Might want to ask here.
01:53:49 AM Sep 20th 2014
Does Twilight's horn going flaccid in "Bridle Gossip" count?
02:32:26 AM Sep 20th 2014
Doesn't seem like it.
03:38:49 PM Feb 15th 2014
At about 18:49 of episode "Pinkie Pride", right portion of the screen, ponies on ladder. One of the ponies offer the other a push with her head and the top pony's reaction is quite of someone who didn't expect.
04:31:54 PM Feb 15th 2014
edited by
To be more specific, it's this moment. Note that the pusher is a unicorn.
12:07:06 AM Feb 16th 2014
That one seems to fit.
03:49:31 PM Feb 9th 2014
edited by
So, um... anyone care to comment on whether this scene could qualify as an example?
01:42:14 AM Feb 10th 2014
I am not seeing what would trigger the radar there.
03:40:08 PM Feb 15th 2014
Not a fan of bukkake? Or perhaps the fact of sexual tease?
12:00:33 AM Nov 25th 2013
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New example:

  • In Season 4 episodes 1 and 2, Twilight her "dark magic" to turn a purple liquid in a flask with a round, thick base and a long, narrow top into a white liquid, which she then drinks. Multiple times. Remind you of anything?

Seriously. They HAD to know what they were doing with THAT one.
06:40:36 AM Nov 26th 2013
I think you're looking way too deep into it.
08:03:32 AM Dec 6th 2013
edited by
Yeah, go and tell Derpibooru that. I'm sure none of them have made the connection-ohwait...

Seriously, this one is so blatantly obvious it's amazing that you can even say that "we're looking to deep (lol pun) into it" with a straight face. You have to be either very desperate or very stupid to not see it. I mean FFS the only way it could be any more obvious is if the tube was phallus shaped.

And you know what too? This elitism bullshit has gotta stop too. I mean really?! We go through the trouble of giving the trope its own seperate page, then we don't even allow anyone to add to it meaning it just sits and stews? What the frack?
01:18:45 AM Dec 14th 2013
Ok, i've drinken a mysterious dark liquid in a bottle with a round, thick base and a long, narrow top. can you guess what it is? If you say the wrong one, i'll call you very desperate or very stupid to not see what it "Obviously" is.
03:21:36 PM Oct 28th 2014
Wow. That is REALLY reading into things.

I know it's old, but I just couldn't resist.
11:47:13 PM Jun 15th 2017
Dude, it's a complete stretch, and you need to stop taking it so personally that most people don't have as dirty of a mind as you do.
08:41:02 PM Aug 11th 2013
This was removed earlier today by one of the moderators:

"And in the season 2 season finale, we round out the inappropriate humor roster by having Spike, who has been chosen to host Shining Armor's bachelor party, ask the mane six just what one would consist of. The girls are too busy giggling to give any sort of answer."

Given what bachelor parties usually entail, I fail to see how that ISN'T Getting Crap Past the Radar.
12:40:57 PM Dec 2nd 2015
Not every bachelor party is a drunk orgy, you know. They may be in the movies, but I suspect reality may disappoint you.

For one thing, consider that the bachelor in question has to share a bed with his soon to be wife very soon, and may be a tad self-conscious about wild stories popping up of what happened at that party.
01:11:30 PM Jul 18th 2013
Good god, does ANYONE even know what crap past the radar is anymore?! Seriously! How are references to alcohol NOT crap past the radar, let alone flagrant references to films like Trainspotting and The Big Lebowski? I mean, look at the Adventure Time radar section - they know what counts and what doesn't! There are SO many crap-passes that you've missed entirely! So why don't any of you notice that? Such as...

- Twilight shaking her rear straight at "Cadence", with her rump raised and her front against the ground. - The fact that they have a Jesus Quintana pony in "The Cutie Pox", whose original character was a pedophile and is not far AT ALL from the CMC. - The fact that only hard cider foams at the top and no foals are seen drinking it (Come ON!) - Scootaloo's wings snapping open when she gleefully shoves her rear into Babs' flank (including her reaction) - In the Royal Wedding episode, Chrysalis pretty much leaves Cadence for dead in a cave without food or fresh water. - The bald pony in the hospital being implied to have cancer (with a funeral scene in the very next episode!) - Twilight's questionable and downright terrifying behavior in "Lesson Zero." - Pinkie Pie using night vision goggles during the daytime in "Crystal Empire part 1", which is not only dangerous, but imitatable. - Pinkie Pie asking if she's wearing a glossy, skintight suit "for fun". (Noticeable innuendo there.) - And a few others.

I mean, SERIOUSLY! It doesn't have to be necessarily intentional to have it be crap past the radar! What ever happened to not being such a stuffy, uptight bum jerk with Tropes?! We're supposed to be having FUN with tropes! How can we even KNOW if it was intentional or not anyway?!

I say we unlock this page, stop the idiotic yammering and needless bitching and get back to writing up all crap-passes for MLP:FIM, alright?

I'm sorry to be harsh, but I needed to be blunt if I was going to set this ridiculousness straight.
04:26:08 AM Jul 19th 2013
There's a difference between Getting Crap Past the Radar and Parental Bonus. Not every case of "jokes the kids won't get but their parents will" like the film references you noted in your first paragraph is a case of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
12:37:28 PM Jul 19th 2013
^What is the difference, anyway?
01:59:52 PM Jul 19th 2013
GCPTR is something that the censors really should have caught — often something sexual — and it's surprising that the creators sneaked it past.

Parental Bonus is something that the censors would have no trouble with but which the kids simply won't get, like a reference to an older film.
06:27:46 PM Jul 19th 2013
Actually, a member of staff(I believe a story-board artist)verified that booze is a no-no on Hasbro properties, so it's something they snuck past.
10:54:50 AM May 6th 2013
This quote "Well, if I ever saw one of them cockathingies face-to-face, I'd laugh at how silly it was." is at least borderline innuendo.
06:29:32 PM Jul 19th 2013
Not unless you have a dirty mind, Cock is a valid(abet archaic) term for Rooster.
11:50:08 PM Jun 15th 2017
So? It's not just the word cock which makes it innuendo, it's the whole phrase.
06:58:01 PM Mar 23rd 2013
While I agree most of these needed to go, I sincerely think the "ice cream dreams" bit from It's About Time should stay. If the reference was unintentional, they wouldn't have Rarity involved in it, or have Spike refer to it by that name.
09:50:37 AM Mar 7th 2013
Everyone should agree on one thing. Remove this page, put the the individual GCPTR examples on the ymmv pages for each of the episodes, and vow not to make a page with too little examples to be a page in the first place.
03:03:46 PM Apr 10th 2013
That wasn't the issue. This page used to have a FUCK TON of examples, but there was so much Natter and a huge Edit War, so most of the examples were cut.
03:33:40 PM Feb 14th 2013
In S 3 E 12, we have a canon attempt at infidelity. Can we add that?
01:27:23 AM Jun 19th 2013
A more prominent (and probably the most obvious example) of getting crap past the radar is in season 2, the Baby Cakes episode, wherein it is explained how Mr and Mrs Cake had a pegasus and a unicorn kid... by citing a very distant relative on one side and someone who is actually completely unrelated to them on the other side.
02:36:25 PM Jan 25th 2013
CPTR candidates:

In "One Bad Apple", Sweetie Belle remarks that the edible gold powder she's covered in is used by Rarity to decorated her "Emergency edible boots", implying that [I]edible clothes[I/] are canon in Equestria. The fact that the term "Boots" is a slang term used in some circles to refer to condoms does not help either.

In the same episode, when Babs Seed is introduced to the CMC's clubhouse, Scootaloo, while explaining her eligibility for the club, gleefully pushes her rear end right into Seed's flank, who reacts in a noticeably offended manner. Wow...

Last, but not least, the parade float that Babs was riding in was sabotaged so that it would veer straight off of a cliff and into a mud pit. Even though everypony made it out okay, the Cutie Mark Crusaders essentially tried to MURDER their bully.

In "Keep Calm and Flutter On", Fluttershy chides an irate beaver for using "such language!"

In the cold open for "The Cutie Pox" Pony versions of the cast of the Big Lebowski are seen. This certainly counts, since the F-bomb is dropped in the film at least 300 times, but it's take to a WHOLE new level when you see that there's a ponified Jesus Quintana in broad daylight and you know that, in the movie, Quintana was put on a sex offender's register for exposing himself to an eight-year-old...and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are not far away from him at all!

In Lesson Zero, Fluttershy outright SNAPS A BEAR'S NECK. Granted, it WAS a massage, but that only makes it more imitatable.

In the Canterlot Royal Wedding, Chrysalis banishes the real Princess Cadence in an underground grotto, cut off from any source of food and water, essentially [I]leaving her to die alone and heartbroken.[I/]

02:57:54 PM Jan 27th 2013
From top to bottom:

Too much of a stretch, only if "bump bump sugerlump rump" also counts, not an example, I agree with the beaver one, that's either a cameo or a Parental Bonus, not an example, and not an example.
01:13:33 PM Jul 18th 2013
HOW IS SNAPPING A BEAR'S NECK AND LEAVING A PRINCESS FOR DEAD NOT AN EXAMPLE?! Seriously, this is the kind of nonsense that's ruined this page! Ugh! Come on, people!
10:33:48 AM Jan 31st 2015
Emergency Edible Boots is exactly the sort of thing that belongs on a Radar page. Seriously, Rares, what kind of emergencies do you have??

Cadance starving alone and heartbroken is more Fridge Horror.

11:22:36 AM Jan 31st 2015
Not sure how that is Getting Crap Past the Radar, really.
02:12:50 PM Jan 25th 2013
Can we PLEASE stop gouging the living shit out of this page?! First of all, we have no idea whether or not any of these bits of crap past the radar were intentional or not; second, we are being far too strict and restrictive about what is and what isn't CPTR (This is T Vtropes, we're supposed to have fun with stuff like this! Three, there is a LOT more crap past the radar on MLP than what is listed on the page. And four, I'm pretty sure that implying the existence of alcohol is crap past the radar when it's on a show rated TV-Y.

So can we please stop being thermo-anal about what is and what isn't crap past the radar by constantly ripping this page apart? Sheesh!

Okay, rant over.
02:15:46 PM Jan 25th 2013
So in conclusion, can we unlock this page, please?
06:52:27 PM Feb 26th 2013
edited by shoboni
I agree, some stuff that the staff confirmed was snuck by and would've been booted by the higher ups if caught it has been cut.
12:59:13 AM Feb 27th 2013
Please do make edit requests for adding items you think have been missed.
05:08:52 PM Dec 30th 2012
Shouldn't we might as well remove the page from here, since it is apparantly causing problems and there are too few examples to be a page.
05:38:45 PM Jan 19th 2013
And even if we don't cut this page, someone should remove that huge block of boldface text as long as the page remains locked.
08:59:29 AM Dec 9th 2012
When can this page get unlocked? While certainly there were many cases of examples not being quite GCPTR, so many examples the were legitimate got cut and should be put back. Off the top of my head there were the "Spiked punch" joke from "Owl's Well That Ends Well" (refers to the act of pouring alcohol into punch during a party), the "flying feather" comment from "Putting Your Hoof Down" (it sounds a lot like a common profanity 'giving a flying f***'.
10:48:18 AM May 6th 2013
The spiked punch really needs to be in here because there is really no interpretation that isn't a drug or alcohol reference, and it's not even subtle. Also, this is less confirmed, but I'm pretty sure "Well, if I ever saw one of them cockathingies face-to-face, I'd laugh at how silly it was." is innuendo.
09:25:12 PM Dec 3rd 2012
Alright, why are about 96% of the examples gone? Seriously, those examples were pretty necessary.
12:55:50 AM Dec 4th 2012
No, they weren't. More than any other page on this website, this page attracts non-examples. Although I do think cutting the "flying feather" remark was a mistake, pretty much everything else needed to go.
08:49:29 AM Dec 9th 2012
Hold on a second, Pinkie's joke about how the punch has been Spiked is not GCPTR? It refers to the act of pouring alcohol in the punch/soda during a party. And other moments like this where it was quite blatant example of GCPTR were also removed.
08:56:39 AM Dec 9th 2012
Because alcohol, as a huge note on the page kept saying is Parental Bonus, not this trope.

This page was full of non-examples.
09:14:35 AM Dec 9th 2012
edited by lazinesslord
How is alcohol not an example GCPTR? There is a reason Drunk on Malts and Frothy Mugs of Water. Because it is not allowed to depict or refer to alcohol in a children's cartoon and considering the target age range of the show (at least when they first made the series) this is especially so.
09:31:50 AM Dec 9th 2012
edited by lu127
Because it's not meant to get a reference to alcohol past the censors. Radar is adding something in a subtle fashion to avoid the censors, not everything a viewer finds vaguely mature.

References to alcohol is Parental Bonus quite known to the censors. The very first sentences on the article itself:

A joke on a children's TV show that children of the appropriate age would likely never get, but which their parents would. Serves as a way to keep the adults and older kids entertained and usually takes the form of an homage to a movie or TV show that children would not normally be familiar with.
09:46:16 AM Dec 9th 2012
Ok I think I'm starting to get it now. I think part of the problem with this page is that Getting Crap Past the Radar and Parental Bonus are a little vague. I'm saying this because I actually read both of the pages before posting to make sure I understood what the two tropes specify, but it seems I've interpreted them differently from what they were suppose to mean.
06:43:45 PM Dec 20th 2012
Oh, I started a flame war? Better get the popcorn.
02:14:58 PM Jan 25th 2013
edited by ZS3
How the hell were those examples NOT necessary, Albertosaurus?! Come on...
06:47:42 PM Feb 26th 2013
One of the animators confirmed that booze was a Taboo, so it should count.

12:51:03 PM Dec 2nd 2015
Booze being a taboo simply means they cannot show beer or wine. Frothy mugs of water or grape juice, however, are substitutes that young children will not understand as being references to alcohol, but parents will, which makes it Parental Bonus, not Radar.

Also, merely replacing that wine with grape juice may have been enough to avoid the taboo with Hasbro, and for all we know the censors knew about it perfectly well (and they probably did, since looking for things like this is their JOB).
07:00:47 PM Jul 30th 2016
GCPTR is essentially PB, and the latter page even states it as a "master trope" to the former. Spiked punch is a reference to drugs and alcohol, and it was too obvious to just be a parental bonus, being the punchline of the cold open.
03:01:02 PM Nov 30th 2012
Maybe it's because I'm still a naive thing, but why is edible clothing and body glitter getting crap past the radar-able?
02:15:31 AM Dec 1st 2012
Maybe it's because people love adding any examples they can for some tropes when they don't quite fit. I also don't see how it's GCPTR-able; pulled.
06:10:36 PM Nov 28th 2012
edited by berrya89
I deleted the following entries:

  • In The Cutie Pox, Zecora brews up Rooster Viagra. She describes it so:
    Zecora: A dash will ignite the rooster's fire. With Heart's Desire, his talent comes into view, and he'll give a mighty cock-a-doodle-doo!

The troper who posted this disregarded that Zecora said "Seems the rooster's lost his crow, making mornings very slow", meaning the context would dictate that what she's saying is meant to be taken literally and without sexual connotations.


  • In "Secret of My Excess", where Spike is going through what can only be described as "dragon puberty", what is the most common description Twilight provides for his behavior?
    Twilight: He's getting kind of... grabby.

Spike is trying to grab or obtain literally any object he can throughout the episode, this should not stand out as an innuendo.
06:48:48 PM Feb 26th 2013
I don't recall "making mornings very slow" part.
01:14:55 PM Jul 18th 2013
  • facepalm* How are either of those NOT innuendo?!
11:41:29 PM Nov 19th 2012
After watching the latest MLP "Too Many Pinkies" I have to wonder if that counts as it looks like Twilight is killing every Pinkie that fails the test. or at least left unexplained enough that one could argue killed. plus the way it was done was pretty horrible in of its self.
12:55:34 PM Dec 2nd 2015
This is more Unfortunate Implications, not Radar. For one thing, it was far from being hidden. This is also our mature brains reading mature things into it, when to a child, simply magically disappearing would suffice as explanation, since after all they were created by magic as well. Since the nature of the copies is left unclear, they could even not be considered alive in-universe, which is what Twilight is apparently concluding as well.
05:27:43 PM Nov 16th 2012
I think that we could use a page image by now. I think the show has enough Getting Crap Past The Radar.
05:13:43 PM Oct 25th 2012
I just re-added most of the examples that were deleted earlier today, while deleting the previously-outlawed instances of alcohol references (which should still count, in my opinion, but oh well) and some others that were clearly unintentional as well as some general cleanup. In the future, please discuss your intentions on this page before taking it upon yourself to do something as drastic as deleting almost the entire page with next to no explanation or justification.
11:52:07 PM May 3rd 2012
edited by TheEvenPrime
I've removed the "little shake" in the Secret Handshake a few times from this page as well as the episode's main page. Please see the definition of Getting Crap Past the Radar:

  • The content has to be profanity or other forbidden material. Shaking one's butt is something you see in children's shows all the time. It's quite a stretch to call it "crap" of any sort.
  • Also, even if it were crap, it's Getting Crap Past the RADAR, not "Getting Crap Past a Blind Senile Censorship Officer". The page clearly specifies that any crap has to be hidden somehow (crap that is accepted without hiding is Refuge in Audacity). The butt-shaking is in no way hidden or obscured, and therefore, definitely NOT being snuck past the radar.

So please, don't readd it.
04:03:43 AM Apr 26th 2012
Pinkie jumping out of a cake for the Twins in Baby Cakes sure seems like a sly one to me.
12:58:49 PM Dec 2nd 2015
Only if you are old enough to know the kind of movies that refers to, making it Parental Bonus. Also, this is being done innocently in plenty of children's shows as a reference that it arguably becomes less crap-py with each instance, as a previously suggestive reference gets a new, innocent context.
02:09:49 AM Dec 3rd 2015
Why would jumping out of a cake trigger a radar?
11:50:43 PM Apr 21st 2012
Didn't want to get into an edit war, so I'm putting this here, but Rainbow Dash -kissing- Fluttershy? I really don't think that actually happened. You can freeze frame the scene and their faces never touch, and the sound effect has been interpreted completely differently from a *smooch* sound.
04:05:02 AM Apr 26th 2012
Well, Dashie does give Fluttershy quite the Longing Look, and then Flutters closes her eyes as if in anticipati- oh never mind, it's on the Les Yay page.
04:34:03 PM Apr 8th 2012
I think the page got pruned a little to much.
02:43:58 PM Apr 10th 2012
I agree. The cider example in particular is an excellent case of the creators abusing Separated by a Common Language to get a forbidden subtext past the show's radar. Tropes are Tools people. Things like Separated by a Common Language and Drunk on Milk are tools creators can use to get crap past the radar.
11:21:02 PM Mar 13th 2012
edited by Ghilz
Putting this here. Took a massive chainsaw to the page as part of a discussion on wiki talk

Please people, READ the main Getting Crap Past the Radar page before adding examples. The page was filled with non examples which diminished the few good ones. Mentioning alcohol or alluding it in particular IS NOT this trope. Disney movies for gods sake have alcohol in them! And Disney are the people so known for making stuff innoffensive they got a trope named after them for it! The page read like if MLP aired in some sort of Orwellian world.
09:20:31 PM Mar 23rd 2012
Movies generally have more leeway than television shows, they're tailor made to add parental bonuses because it part, it makes it easier for the parents to sit through (not to say it's the only thing that makes a adult sit through a Disney movie, but I digress). Simple fact is the mere mention of alcohol in any shape or form in a program on television who's main demographic is primarily children is considered a taboo, and sneak to it in, would be considered Getting Crap Past the Radar. And that isn't even considering for the longest time Hasbro watered the entire brand down to the point that anything even resembling a conflict was void.
12:52:00 AM Mar 24th 2012
I utterly disagree. Just read Getting Crap Past the Radar. "The practice — usually found on but not limited to comedies — of attempting to sneak some manner of profanity or other forbidden material past the network censors." Typically stuff that would otherwise be M-rated, aka Filth.

Now, are alcohol jokes "mature" content? Let's ask a few shows, comic strips, B Ds and movies that are general audience (ok for children even if not aimed at them) or even aimed towards children.

The Simpsons says no. Tintin says no. Commander Keen says no. Astérix says no. (as mentioned by the Ghilz) various Disney films say no. Hägar the Horrible says no. Once upon a time: Life says no. Lucky Luke says no. The Moomins say no. Hell, in the originals they even experimented with pills and distilled moonshine.

Seriously, if alcohol is "crap", the radar must be jammed.

Oh, and FYI: I knew what the English term "spiked punch" means when I was six. And I'm not even a native speaker. I wouldn't be too quick to draw the assumption that children won't get the joke... but that's a bit off-topic anyway.
08:04:46 AM Mar 24th 2012
1.) The Simpsons is (at it's core) a adult oriented show, meaning the leverage is far more stretched than your average MLP episode.

2.) Most, if not all, of the above mentioned titles reek of Values Dissonance, either due to the time or country they were published in (and again most Disney movies are universally given more leeway). The content that in which can be shown in a program varies between time periods and cultures (mind you in Japan, Fullmetal Alchemist and Fist of the North Star were considered children's shows), while it may be acceptable at a time or for a certain culture, in another that that might not be the case.

And it doesn't matter what you know. I know kids as old who know the word fuck, and I'll be damned before they blatantly let that past the censors.

08:16:21 AM Mar 24th 2012
At no point did I claim that The Simpsons was oriented towards children. However, most episodes are rated TV-PG. Not TV-M or whatever is "mature" in American rating system. If alcohol really was that much of a taboo, the episodes would all be M-rated.

Values Dissonance is a petty excuse. Mind you, they don't censor alcohol from the stuff I mentioned when exporting to America, nor do they increase the age rating to "mature" simply because of alcohol references.
08:50:26 AM Mar 24th 2012
Irregardless of what rating it is, The Simpsons is allowed to get away with a lot more.

Yes, they do (just ask any anime fan). And it's not only for alcohol, but for violence, tobacco, sexual content, and language. Albeit the censoring may not be as much (or not at all) depending on the product and its market, but it's still there (Then again I haven't seen most of those above mentioned in American retail so I'm not completely positive).

And yes, Values Dissonance is very much at play here, case and point this conversation. I'm no expert on how such subject matter is treated over-seas, but I'm lead to believe it's a lot lighter than it is here in the US, and since Hasbro is a American based company they would treat it with more restraint.
10:41:30 AM Mar 24th 2012
I still don't see it. Take Pinochio (or however they spell that) - there's a scene with smoking and drinking, and that's not crap. Asterix in Britain - a bunch of Roman soldiers getting wasted on wine onscreen is not crap. My Little Pony, a pink pony making a pun about punch being spiked supposedly is crap. Doesn't make any sense to me, this logic of yours.
03:03:38 PM Mar 24th 2012
EKK you don't have to see it. This isn't about you or any of us. This is about the Radar, and what it considers crap. Different works are subjected to different standards, many of which are self-imposed. The Simpsons can get away with just about anything because that's what the show has chosen to be. My Little Pony can barely get away with anything because Hasbro has set the Radar very low. This is a show that had to fight to keep the word "egghead" because Hasbro was uncomfortable with it. That's how low the radar is.

Also, we have testimony from a senior storyboard artist who says she wants to make a character drunk but is not allowed to. Here's her statement:

I LOVE berry punch


in that one ep w/ her by the punch bowl

she was supposed to burp

but it never got thru


I always want to make her drunk

stupid standards! lol

I put her there on purpose

I don't usually care which bg pony I use

but in that case it was thought out.

yea that was the reason I picked her out of the designs

hee hee

as soon as I saw the grapes, I was like..she's the drinker!

I'm glad it caught on

even though it kinda got cut out haha

So yes, alcohol jokes are considered crap as far as this particular show goes, so any examples that make it into finished episodes are this trope. Word of God says so, so I don't see any point in continuing to argue about it.
01:51:48 AM Apr 20th 2012
edited by Albertosaurus
I'm on the fence about the alcohol references, but I have to agree with the OP that people are shoehorning in anything and everything. I recently removed this example:

  • Also in "Putting Your Hoof Down", Fluttershy states how she's "not satisfied" with Iron Will's training, to which Iron Will gives a shocked "What do you mean you're not satisfied? Everypony is satisfied!" which quickly leads to Fluttershy stating "No means no" and Iron Will stating how he's never heard that phrase before.

I... suppose that you could read something sexual into that, if you really want to. But in context, these lines don't even fall into Accidental Innuendo. Please stop doing this, guys. Let's face it: MLP doesn't get a whole lot past the radar.
02:00:22 PM May 2nd 2012
The alcohol references are some of the few examples that don't require shoehorning. They're so obvious that it's hard to imagine how the radar missed them, but Word of God says that one was caught so we know the radar is looking for them. There is no point in keeping them off the radar page.
01:40:41 PM Jan 26th 2016
So what about the pilot episode, where Twilight is clearly intending to get a drink? Is that one vague enough that it doesn't count as alcohol?
07:16:39 PM Jan 29th 2012
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Removed this example:
** Given the reactions the ponies have to the cider, and the subsequent disgruntlement and disappointment at the news that they've drunk it all, one has to wonder if that really is "soft" cider they're drinking.
Because there was no way, given that the Apples were selling the cider within a day of making it, that it could have fermented into hard cider by the time it was consumed. Fermentation takes time. Furthermore, the show is primarily written by Americans, and in American vernacular English, apple cider is assumed to be soft cider unless it specified to be hard cider. Also, none of the ponies who were drinking the cider acted drunk, even Pinkie Pie, who drank a lot of it. Also, they've had characters act drunk before, as is detailed in some of the other examples: the older pony who had had too much "salt" in "Over a Barrel," Spike staggering home with the lampshade on his head, etc., but they didn't do that here.
06:13:50 PM Nov 11th 2011
I removed the following examples:

As mentioned, it's an animation error, not an intentionally radar-stabbing gag.

  • 'Rainity' From episode "Sisterhooves Social" has earned some... Interest... From the fandom.

It's Rarity... in the rain. The viewers may find it interesting, but at the end of the day it's just Rarity in the rain. No inherent innuendo.

  • Stomping on a vat full of grapes apparently makes "Grape Juice".
    • Strictly speaking, that's exactly what it does. The juice takes time to ferment into wine.
    • To take this even further, Rarity is absolutely terrified of getting grape juice on her clothes. While the juice probably also stains badly, it's typically red wine that's feared for leaving irremovable stains.

As established via natter, that would have indeed made grape juice. And yes, grape juice stains, as also mentioned. (While wine plainly comes to mind, grape juice is just grape juice without age.)

Debate if you feel the need. The only example here I think could fit is the last one.
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