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10:42:33 PM Apr 12th 2017
Expanding on edit reason: I removed the Journey entries entirely, as they do not fit the definition of the trope. Aside from the entry's poor writing and heavy natter, none of the songs listed were "radar crap" in any form. Sexual innuendo is NOT this trope, period, especially in songs aimed at adults and not released as singles for regular airplay. At best, Homemade Love is an Unusual Euphemism;"jelly roll sweetie" was not recognized slang.

In terms of the videos, something that a band member *looks* like he's saying but is not what we hear is ALSO not this trope. Assuming the entry writer is a proficient lip-reader, only if what he actually says is actually *heard* has it made it past the radar. If it's covered by the song or faded out, then it's censored and did not get past the radar, period.
06:18:26 PM Nov 30th 2011
"Country Music has an ultra low tolerance for anything even resembling profanity"

I'd like to call this statement to question. I don't know what any of you consider the threshold of what's considered profanity, but I listen to mostly the country station and they have problem letting the damns, hells, and asses fly. also, at least one Toby Keith song has sonofabitch in it.
02:00:36 AM Sep 2nd 2011
Way too many
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