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05:17:08 PM Oct 27th 2015
Is there even a radar now?
01:13:27 PM Nov 2nd 2015
After that last episode? I think it's safe to say the radar has crashed and burned.
04:16:25 PM Aug 10th 2014
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Does someone saying a word vaguely similar to a Russian expletive really count as getting Crap Past the Radar? It seems kind of silly and farfetched.
12:55:28 AM Aug 11th 2014
Nah, that'd be a Bilingual Bonus at best. No way it qualifies as this; "Vague similarity" is not the same thing as "actually being".
04:35:34 AM Feb 4th 2014
Wow, this page needs some trimming.
03:01:50 AM Dec 30th 2015
It's been almost two years and I agree, but I'm not bold enough to delete a bunch of stuff on my own. A lot of it (especially the season 1 stuff) seems more like the viewer's mind being in the gutter rather than an intentional wink-wink-nudge-nudge.

For example, the Pubator is pretty obviously a reference to puberty rather than pubic hairs (they have the same root and puberty makes more sense in context). The multi-bear by definition has heads all over his body... including his crotch, but no special reference is made to this and no potential visual pun is hinted at. Stan's nose is big so a cartoonish face of his made in pancake might be roughly the shape of a penis but how do we know this is supposed to be a joke instead of a consequence of his face shape?

A lot of the other ones seem really subjective, which I guess they have to be in order to get past the radar in the first place, but...
07:40:03 PM Sep 14th 2012
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Is making reference to the Soviet Union an example of getting crap past the radar? When Rumble talked about fighting the Soviet Union's best fighter, I was like "wow, I didn't think I'd be hearing that in a cartoon on Disney Channel." But I wanted to confirm whether this was something children's programming is not allowed to do or if it's just a subject matter cartoons don't like to tread upon.
08:46:14 PM Jul 13th 2015
I think it's just not common because a lot of kids wouldn't get the reference. But it's not inappropriate.
12:47:42 AM Jul 14th 2015
No, it's not an example. At all.
08:37:57 PM Aug 24th 2012
edited by lazinesslord
I don't get how this line is getting crap past the radar. Could someone explain it to me?

Mabel: We should get two dodos and force them to make out!
09:52:39 PM Aug 24th 2012
edited by ZeroJanitor
Forcing anything to make out is questionable, sure, but I think the radar-dodging element comes in when you start to wonder WHY Mabel wants them to make out. I really don't know.
09:02:29 PM Sep 26th 2012
...Forcing them to breed, maybe?
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