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11:06:30 AM May 4th 2012
Okay...I know that the page name is ambiguous, and admittedly this is exactly the kind of oddity that draws out Internet nonsense, but...uh...guys? The Quotes/Troll page is supposed to be a page for QUOTES FROM THE 1986 MOVIE TROLL, not general Internet troll related quotations. Otherwise why the hell would it be linked from Film/Troll? As in the tropes entry about said movie? Pretty much everything on the Quotes/Troll page needs to be DELETED and/or moved somewhere more appropriate, and a notice about the point of this page posted.
11:25:51 AM May 4th 2012
It's also linked from the main Troll page too, you see. The thing to do is to create Quotes.Troll Film for quotes from the movie and move those ones there (I say to move the film ones as the page title would be simpler than to put Quotes.Troll Person or Quotes.Troll Trope or whatever). It's a problem that a number of pages (e.g. Heroes) have. The film quotes page would need to be linked to from the Film.Troll as it wouldn't show up as a tab.
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