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04:13:30 AM Feb 3rd 2013
Is there any way that this page is not inherently Flame Bait? The majority of the quotes are either direct flames or quotes from reviewers or writers being used to flame them.

The illustrative benefits of the first and second quotes are more than outweighed by the vitriol that follows.
04:26:03 AM Feb 3rd 2013
If we were to only keep quotes by characters rather than reviewers, would that help?
04:33:08 AM Feb 3rd 2013
I think that's a good idea; getting rid of Word of God quotes (while ordinarily, a quote by Chatoyance would be valid, here it'll just be used to advance an agenda or bash her) and review quotes would definitely improve the quality of the page.
07:15:22 PM Feb 7th 2013
Eddie said he wasn't too sure about the decision, so I'll try the usual methods and see where they lead. Hopefully, further wars can be fought civilly and peacefully in the discussion forum as they should be.
06:19:50 PM Feb 9th 2013
edited by DialgaX
I'd like to point out that FATAL has this on its quote page:

"Burning this game would be an insult to fire."
—"Review of FATAL" by Jason Sartin and Darren MacLennan.

There's no reason why we can't have quotes from reviewers here.

How is that different from these quotes:

"I had to remind myself half way through that this wasn't made by someone who hates the show and is trying to demonize it."
Ergo, on The Big Respawn

"Burning is not advised, as burning it is a grave heresy to fire. Consider sending it to your enemies instead."
The Moiderah Of Ponies, on The Conversion Bureau
09:20:05 PM Feb 11th 2013
Personally, I don't think that the FATAL quote should be there. (Neither should the FATAL page in general, but that's a separate topic.) It says on the Home Page: "We are not a wiki for bashing things." So quotes that are nothing but bash should not be put on the quotes page.

As Eddie was against torching reviewer quotes for being reviewer quotes, I removed quotes that were pure work-bashing, not simply quotes that came from reviews.
11:16:00 AM Oct 16th 2012
At the risk of sounding like a jerk, it seems like really poor taste to quote yourself.
04:53:49 PM Dec 31st 2012
I'm not sure if anyone was quoting themselves. I could be wrong though.
05:34:36 PM Jan 15th 2013
edited by TheMoiderah
I quoted myself once, here. Just removed it.
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