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01:26:25 PM Apr 22nd 2017
edited by Jhonny
Pulling the following to the talk page.

So someone deleted the following:

"-> "Well, after almost allowing the Arabs to finish what Hitler started, we realized that not only was that mirror image necessary, but it must forever be our national policy. From 1973 onward, if nine intelligence analysts came to the same conclusion, it was the duty of the tenth to disagree. No matter how unlikely or far-fetched a possibility might be, one must always dig deeper."
Jurgen Warbrunn, World War Z"

claiming it doesn't belong and "encourages a stereotype about Arabs". First of all, it's not a stereotype that (some) Arabs/Arab leaders were either complicit in Hitler's mass murder itself (google Hajj Amin al Husseini for one) or called for similar measures after 1945. There are more than enough MEMRI videos of clerics and/or politicians talking about that.

More to the trope itself, however, I think this almost namedrops it and actually gives a good reason, why it is good to argue. If all ten people agree, no progress is made and "black swans" are discarded. In the narrative, this line of argument and thinking saved countless lives, because it is far better equipped to deal with an Outside-Context Problem or a Diabolus ex Nihilo than standard thinking or a consensus based approach where divergent opinions tend to be sacrificed for "harmony"
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