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07:14:20 PM Jul 5th 2013
Just to explain my motives behind formatting the quotes the way I have:

1. In the case of dialogue quotes, the individual lines are part of the whole, not individual paragraphs of their own, so I use \\s to group them all on top of a single -> tag (-> produces a <div> tag — block-level, like <p>aragraph tags).

2. In the case of the commentary quotes, the text is made up of paragraphs separated by blank lines, so I put each paragraph in its own -> tag.

If that's not what the other editors prefer, it's no biggie — it just makes the most sense semantically to me.
07:27:10 PM Jul 5th 2013
You can make extra paragraphs with more \\ formatting.
07:51:43 PM Jul 5th 2013
Using the \\ formatting doesn't actually create paragraphs — each pair of backslashes is replaced with a <br> tag. It looks the same in most browsers, but only because most browsers indicate gaps between paragraphs with a blank lines — if someone wanted to format the text differently (e.g. paragraphs run together with the first line indented a la print books), the paragraphs formatted with the <br> tags would end up being rendered incorrectly.

Does that make sense?
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