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03:17:09 PM Sep 5th 2016
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled this:

  • Sam Vimes in Men at Arms screams, "[I'm] the LAW, you SONS of BITCHES!" while he's being possessed by the gonne.
    • Sam has another one in Jingo: "Guards are civilians, you inbred streak of piss!"
      • We get it again a few pages later, except this time he's mumbling it in shock, scarcely believing he said it — the person he said it to was a very high ranking member of the city and, if I remember correctly, he said it in front of the very, very imposing assassin leader of the city.
    • The Discworld books are pretty good at precision swearing, actually. When someone says "Oh, bugger," they really mean it.
      • Unless it's Foul Ol' Ron.
    • Latatian example in Interesting Times. "Stercus, stercus, stercus, moritorus sum!" ("Shit, shit, shit, I'm about to die!

Vimes uses language of about that level all the time; his Establishing Character Moment in Guards! Guards! is muttering that the city is a bitch.

And I don't think repeated use of the word "shit" qualifies as "precision" in any event, but particularly not when it's the character's Catch Phrase.


Since the whole point of the books are to be a Cluster F-Bomb.
01:30:31 PM Oct 18th 2012
When Roald Dahl uses the term "silly ass", he's actually referring to a donkey. So there's nothing remotely vulgar about it, unless you think donkeys are obscene.
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