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03:17:09 PM Sep 5th 2016
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled this:

  • Sam Vimes in Men at Arms screams, "[I'm] the LAW, you SONS of BITCHES!" while he's being possessed by the gonne.
    • Sam has another one in Jingo: "Guards are civilians, you inbred streak of piss!"
      • We get it again a few pages later, except this time he's mumbling it in shock, scarcely believing he said it — the person he said it to was a very high ranking member of the city and, if I remember correctly, he said it in front of the very, very imposing assassin leader of the city.
    • The Discworld books are pretty good at precision swearing, actually. When someone says "Oh, bugger," they really mean it.
      • Unless it's Foul Ol' Ron.
    • Latatian example in Interesting Times. "Stercus, stercus, stercus, moritorus sum!" ("Shit, shit, shit, I'm about to die!

Vimes uses language of about that level all the time; his Establishing Character Moment in Guards! Guards! is muttering that the city is a bitch.

And I don't think repeated use of the word "shit" qualifies as "precision" in any event, but particularly not when it's the character's Catch-Phrase.


Since the whole point of the books are to be a Cluster F-Bomb.
01:30:31 PM Oct 18th 2012
When Roald Dahl uses the term "silly ass", he's actually referring to a donkey. So there's nothing remotely vulgar about it, unless you think donkeys are obscene.
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