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07:34:56 AM Jun 4th 2014
We need to talk about Kevin

What does it say about him that the whispering forest doesn't even want him
09:04:25 AM Jun 20th 2014
Having just learned of the existence of this trope yesterday, I think Ambiguously Human might apply on his part; or it could also be Even Evil Has Standards (although the forest ain't exactly evil).
12:23:46 PM Aug 21st 2013
Should tropes that apply to only one character be moved to the Character sub-page? With the sudden explosion of popularity for this fandom (and since it's still ongoing), the general trope list is likely to get a lot longer and currently much of it is character-based. For example, Omnidisciplinary Scientist applies only to Carlos and is listed on his character sheet as well as on the main page.
11:55:05 AM Aug 22nd 2013
Probably. I noticed "Hot Scientist" is on there too and that only could only really apply to Carlos (which we only have Cecil's word on anyway)
07:09:02 PM Aug 15th 2013
Creepypasta Lake Wobegon
11:53:54 PM Jul 28th 2013
This entry has been removed for being stupid and indecisive.

  • Racist Grandma: "Old woman Josie" who claims to see angels. Goes out of her way to mention that one of them is black.
    • Possibly subverted later in the segment, as she's trying to sell a lightbulb which one of the angels touched, specifically the black angel, which she seems to consider a selling point. And she's happy to let the angels all move into her house.
    • Also, in popular media angels are almost always presented as white, and she may have just been trying to keep people from assuming they were all white.

This doesn't seem like a real example. Mentioning that someone is black when they are doesn't make you a racist. Either way, this example is so nattery and indecisive that it's ridiculous.

Until someone can figure out what you want to say the example comes down.
11:51:54 AM Jul 8th 2013
I kind of thought the 'vague and menacing' government agency was actually not a description but the name of the agency. And I kind of thought that the description of the angel as black was not racist but simply a description that set the angel in question off against its 'radiant' colleagues. Or maybe I'm just taking the whole thing a bit too literally. What do others think?
03:46:30 PM Jul 26th 2013
It would certainly be in keeping with the absurdist streak in WTNV's humour if the government agency was in fact called A Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency. I can't call to mind any syntax that would indicate that it isn't a title. As for the angel issue, I was under the impression that Cecil was reading out a statement written by Old Women Josie, who could be Racist Grandma. Or an octopus. Because that'd be kinda cool.
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